Tuscany is a very beautiful and much loved holiday destination in Italy and International Babysitters have a select team of experienced babysitters and holiday nannies in the Tuscany area! We currently have availability in Lucca, Pisa, Chianti and San Casciano, however we can also cover some other parts of  Tuscany so please enquire and we will always do our best to help. All of our babysitters are fully-vetted, experienced, friendly to ensure your children will enjoy their time with their babysitter as much as possible and be safe, secure and happy! For more information or to book your childcare in Tuscany just email info@internationalbabysitters.com and our experienced and friendly team will be happy to help!


Hi my name is Francesca, I am a British girl now living in Lucca. I am a primary school teacher in an International School in Italy and an experienced babysitter and nanny. I love working with children, helping them to develop their knowledge, education and sharing new experiens with them. I am a creative nanny and good at inventing fun games and activities for kids. I have a good knowledge of Italian and am looking forward to meeting you and your family soon!

Babysiter and nany in Pisa, Tuscany

My name is Valeria and I am a teacher based in Pisa. I love working with children of all ages and have a degree in education. I have worked in kindergartens and pre-schools and love helping children with their learning and development, it is my passion in life! I speak Spanish and English fluently and have a good level of Italian. Looking forward to meeting your family!

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Ciao! My name is Laura, 24 years old, from Finland. I currently live in a beautiful Tuscan seaside city Viareggio. I love being around kids and I have lot of experience taking care of children all ages.  I have great experience of being an Au Pair for Italian family. Besides that I have took care of children for several families in Finland. Also I have worked for a sport center as sport instructor for children. While I was working there we organized birthday parties and events for children. With children i enjoy playing different games indoor and outdoor. I love to teach them and see them learning new things. Most rewarding is their genuine smile and happiness. I am reliable, very friendly and patient with children. When I’m with children they are always my priority number one. I´m looking forward to meet your family and take care of your children!

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Ciao! My name is Sophie, I’m 22 years old and currently living in my hometown in Tuscany. I completed my High School diploma in the United States and have a bachelor’s degree in Languages. I will be starting my master’s degree in the upcoming fall. I come from a multicultural family, and grew up speaking three languages, andhave since learnt my forth. I can speak Italian, German, Hungarian and English fluently. My passions are travel and dance, both of which I have done all my life. I was an assistant dance teacher for 3 years and I truly loved teaching the art of ballet to little girls and boys, I also have experience babysitting for many families. I am a very creative and active person, I can easily come up with games and thing to do, being an aunt of four little girls has helped me come up with many ways to keep children busy and happy. I treat every child as if they were my own, with love and care and I always try to create a close bond between them and I. 

Isabella - Italian and English speaking

Hi, my name is Isabella, I am 23 and I recently got a master degree in visual arts and fashion. I was born and raised in Florence and I attended the University in Bologna and in Venice. I spent the last year of my studies as an exchange student in Sweden, where I experienced an international environment that led me here, willing to maintain a close contact with other cultures. I am fluent in English and I have led English private lessons for teenagers for more than 5 years so far. I trained as a children entertainer volunteering at my parish summer camps since I was 13. I have often babysat for my neighbors and I worked as a nanny inside the malls, and as an entertainer at children summer camps. I am first aid trained too. I love to interact with children and to embrace their imagination. I am a creative and dynamic person and I enjoy involving children in artistic laboratories, board games and outdoor activities. I am passionate about art, photography, writing and reading. I love to explore - I am a confident driver - and I am always ready for new adventures. This could be the next!

Francesca - Italian babysitter in Arezzo

Hello, my name is Francesca, I come from Arezzo and I am studying to become a kindergarten and primary school teacher. I'm a person full of passions: I sing in a choir, I volunteer for the Red Cross, I love dancing, travelling and learning about new cultures. I have a lot of experience with children, I started working in summer camps when I was 15 years old, at 18, I joined the Red Cross and organised workshops for young people. I volunteer in the Meyer Children's Hospital of Florence where I support staff, parents and children. I also had experience teaching music in primary schools and kindergartens with my choir teacher. I studied for 5 months in the University of Helsinki where I helped an Italian teacher to teach children Italian. I've also been doing my internships in school in Florence and Arezzo for 2 years. Since I started to study in the University my passion for education has grown and I spent a lot of time enriching myself through different kind of experiences that can help me when I become a real teacher - for example Erasmus projects and workshops by teaching experts like the ones of "Movimento di Cooperazione Educativa". My mother tongue is Italian but I'm very fluent in English, Spanish and French. I can also speak very basic Finnish. 


My name is Daria, I have been an international educator, governess, tutor and nanny for more than 10 years, author and songwriter, I love to dedicate to children an ethical, creative, active and noble education based on the various aspects of the human being: knowledge, artistic skills ( my best is singing, songwriting and piano), expressivity, inventing projects for the society, sports and dances. For the newborns and 0-4 years old children I love to provide a loving, sweet, attentive and reliable care and sensorial, discovery activities. English and Italian mother tongues, Spanish and French fluent, I love travel, different cultures and being in the company of children!


I am Esther, I am 33 years old and originally from the Netherlands. I speak English and Dutch fluently and my Italian is coming along. I have been living in Lucca for just over a year, prior to that I lived in Modena. I love Italy and it feels very much like home to me. I have over 5 years of nanny experience, both in the Netherlands and in Italy. I am an active person who loves to hike and do just about any sport. I love working with children, but also with the parents. For this reason I founded 

We Nurture, an online training and coaching platform that helps parents & nannies build great collaborations. I look forwardf to meeting you and your family soon!


My name is Gloria, I am living in Prato. I have worked as a chemical textile while I have been taking care of children of all ages since 1984 helping them with learning and improving their knowledge at school. In 2015 I have also begun working as a Nanny . I love my work. I have a wonderful daughter. She is my life. I treat every child as if they were my own playing funny and creative activities, doing sports, trying to satisfy their curiosity and sharing every thing make them happy. I am spanish and Italian mother tongue and I speak English fluently. Every day I go to the gym where I practice many kind of sports and where I also swim which it has been my sport since I was a child. I am looking forward to meeting your family soon!


Ciao, my name is Stefana, I am Venezuelan and have been living in Pisa in Italy for many years with my daughters. I am a mother and grandmother, I have also worked in schools as a substitute teacher. I am friendly and I am always happy and smiling, I believe life is to be enjoyed. I can speak Italian, Spanish and some English. I love babysitting and being around children very much and I always care for all the children I look after like they are my own family. See you soon!

marina - English, Dutch, Italian, German

Ciao, my name is Marina, I am a babysitter originally from Holland - I have been living in Italy for 20 years, right now I am living in the Tuscan countryside in a beautiful village called San Casciano, near Chianti. I have two daughters who are now teenagers. I am a very maternal woman, I love children and animals, they bring me a lot of joy. I love the countryside and being outdoors, I often go horseriding and for walks in nature. I am an artist and do paintings, sculptures and jewellery design, I also enjoy yoga and meditation. I am a very friendly lady and good with children of all ages, I am very inventive at keeping kids entertained and usually bring an art project with me to babysitting jobs. I can speak English, Italian, Dutch and German fluently. I look forward to meeting you and your children!

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I’m Letizia and I’m currently studying to become a kindergarten and primary school teacher. Beyond my studies, I’ve always had experiences with children. I’ve been an organizer and entertainer at my parish summer camps, I’ve tutored children in school subjects, I’ve coordinated children parties. In addition, I’ve babysat, I’ve led English language laboratories for children and I’ve done traineeships in kindergarten and primary schools in Florence and in Helsinki, during my Erasmus period there. I enjoy designing and realizing engaging games and activities, adapted to the children’s various needs and interests.I’m fluent in Italian and English, I’m first aid trained, I have a driving licence, and I have many hobbies such as dancing, travelling, reading and discovering the world with children! I am based in San Casciano in Tuscany but also babysit in Florence.

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Hi! My name is Elena, I’m from a small village in the countryside just outside of Florence in Tuscany. I attended an International school where I learnt English and French. My greatest passion is art, in fact I’m studying to become an event planner at university and I always try to spread this passion to everybody around me, especially to kids. I regularly look after my little cousins, and also babysit for a family regularly who have two small children. I have worked as a babysitter for International Babysitters for two years and in that time I have looked after children of all ages and worked at many events. When I'm with children I try to enhance their creativity, by painting, reading and playing together or simply observing nature. I’m sunny, friendly and reliable and I always try to make everyday fun and special.


Hi my name is Nargiz, I was born in Baku where I lived for 5 years before my parents moved to Russia, Siberia. I am from a family of 3 children and I have a younger brother and sister. I always took care of my sister and at the age of 11 my brother was born. My brother has some disabilities and he needs a lot of care and assistance, he is a special child and I of course give him all the love I can, because of him I decided to go to medical university and become a doctor. As part of my training I ave worked in hospitals and also have experience in the neonatal ward caring for premature babies. I have decided to train as a midwife and will be continuing my studies in this area in Italy. I currently live in the lovely town of Vinci in Tuscany. I speak Russian, Italian and some English.


Hi, my name is Lina. I have been working as a nanny for more than 15 years, taking care of children any age, from newborn to teenagers. My main role is to provide a safe and caring environment, as well as stimulating the children development. My general responsibilities incorporate undertaking all tasks related to the children’s care including potty train, prepare nutritious meals, drive the children to and from activities, bath and bedtime, play with them indoors and outdoors etc.... I am reliable, trustworthy and able to stay calm under pressure. Flexible, proactive and able to work extra hours. I also perform housework related to child care. I can swim and speak fluent English. I have also worked with a special need boy. A different experience that has giving me the opportunity to explore and understand the world of these special children. I have a Maternity Practitioner qualification that allows me to take care of newborns and theirs mothers. I have a First Aid medical technician qualification which includes paediatric First Aid, that has allowed me to work as a rescuer on ambulance. 


Hi everyone, I am Patricia, originally from Scotland I have been living in Italy for almost 20 years. My main experience with children has been looking after my many nieces and nephews and my daughter who is now 10 years old. I’ve worked for years as a Manager and being a mum I’ve realised quickly I use a lot of professional skills, e.g, time-management and organisational skills to help create memorable and fun days.  I am also a Holistic Therapist, which is lovely for children as it is good to get children to enjoy relaxation and quiet time, helping them appreciate the little things in life.  I am a huge fan of teaching children values and taking the time to instill these lessons like honesty, sharing, kindness, etc, through the use of stories and activities like role play. I adapt happily depending on the age of children, with the overall well-being of the child being considered. I love outdoor games.(Tag, hide n seek, duck, duck, goose, etc) swimming, making dens, baking, puppets, board games (all the classics), reading stories and nature walks.  I look forward to meeting you and most importantly your children.


Hi! I’m Arianna, I’m from Italy, currently living in a small village near Siena, Tuscany.

I’m 22 years old and I’m about to graduate college. I love languages, and I am fluent in English and Spanish since I have been studying them for half of my life already and had the possibility to travel a lot, especially in the United States and in many countries in Europe. I have been taking care of children of all ages since I was 16 and I can describe myself as a very responsible person, since, in my opinion, babysitting is one the jobs that require full caution. With them I love playing board games, cooking, and watching movies. I love kids because they are so much fun! I learn something new anytime I am with them.


I am Dorothy, originally from Ghana with background in journalism. I have been living in Siena, Italy for four years now and recently moved to a lovely village named San Giovanni Valdarno in the Valdarno area which is in between Arezzo and Florence. 

I have experience in taking care of and teaching children from 1 to 11 years old. I speak English and Italian. I know basic French as well. I love nature so I like to play with kids outdoors. I sometimes like to cook. I am sociable, open minded and currently working on master thesis in public diplomacy. I like to travel. I am active and I like to dance and do gymnastic. For me being with kids is not work, it is a fun and lovely experience.  


Hi I’m Leyla, originally from Arezzo, a small city close to Florence. I have been living in Manchester, UK, for the past 6 years where I worked as a Nursery nurse assistant for the Manchester Hospital, but I also gained a Bsc in Pharmaceutical chemistry as one day I would love to pursue this career.I speak Italian and English fluently and some basic Spanish. I have experience working with children between the age of 6 months and 5 years old, but I also looked after older children while doing some occasionally babysitting jobs. I love teaching them different things through play, such as painting, colouring, building blocks, completing a jigsaw or encouraging them in learning words by looking at different books. I find myself being bubbly and friendly around children when it comes to set up games or role play, but I am also very caring and kind when a cuddle or reassurance is need it.


Hello everyone! I'm Marta. I am 21 years old and I live in Grosseto. I recently moved to Siena to study Legal Services. For 4 years now, I have been studying and I have spent my summers working as a babysitter and animator in Marina di Grosseto. I really like being with kids, making them play, laugh, joke. Usually when I do animation, I alternate board games to games to do on the beach such as running with sacks, the marble track, sand castles etc. In the afternoon I also have the beloved baby dance. Kids really like music. I love dancing. I have competed competitively at very high levels for 11 years. Music makes me feel good, puts me in a good mood, makes me cheerful. I have experience with children from 3 to 12 years old. Italian is my mother tongue. I have a basic level of English and an advanced level of Spanish. I am a smiling, cheerful and very charismatic nanny. 


My name is Loredana, I am a nanny from Arezzo in Tuscany. I love working with children, it is my passion. I am energetic, vibrant, fun and reliable and I can speak English, Italian, French and Spanish fluently. In the last 10 years I have interacted with children mainly in two areas: 7 years as assistant in an English language learning centre with children from 5 months old to 17 years old, and 4 years as a nanny and/or baby sitter (occasional and/or full time) for children from 2 months old to 15 years old for Italian and foreign families. I have experience in day and night nannying, in personal care and hygiene, in the preparation and administration of meals (including bottle feeding) , in the organisation of theme parties and recreational workshops, as an animator in summer camps. Since the summer 2018 I’ve worked with foreign families at their location of stay in the provinces of Arezzo and Siena, assisting children in the afternoon, evening and night time, when parents are away, carrying out entertainment activities or for dinner and sleep whether parents are present or not. 


My name is Ruth. I am 23years old,a Ghanaian but I live in Italy, Palermo and I study in Siena. I am a responsible babysitter with experience caring for children during weekends, evenings, and summer and winter breaks. Skilled in creating fun, engaging in educational activities, while demonstrating priority in children’s safety and well-being. Trusted by parents, with mutual loving affection for all cared children.

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Ciao! My name is Daniela, I am Italian, born and raised near Siena, but I also spent a few years in the UK. I have been working in tourism for over 20 years, my purse in life is to make people happy and there is nothing better than a child laughing. I am a mother of two, a little girl of 5 and a “big” boy of 9, I enjoy playing with them and organizing little events for them and their friends. I have been teaching English to kids and organizing experiences in Tuscany for kids and for families for the past 4 years. I am also a volunteer reader for “Nati per leggere


Hello, I am  Aida. With a background of music and cinema I have wondered around the world for quite some years and after living in Greece I am settling down in Italy. I will be spending the summer on the beautiful island of Elba where I will be available for babysitting and as a holiday nanny. I have stayed as an au-pair with several families in the past, as well as nanny. My path has taken me to yoga, I have been teaching since 2014 and am completing my shiatsu formation in the near future. I am fluent in English, Italian, french and Greek while my mother tongue is Lithuanian. I am deeply connected to nature and this is definitely one of my highlights - holistic and wholesome way of living, so I love to engage children in exploring playing outdoors, watching nature etc. My approach is somewhat towards Steiner and Montessori.


Hello! My name is Bethany-Rose and I am originally from Birmingham, England, therefore

English is my native language. I have been living in Lucca for nearly one year now, working in an international preschool and private babysitting. I also lived as an au-pair in Lucca in 2020 looking after two 5-year-old boys and one 1-year-old girl. For this reason, I am confident looking after children aged between 2-11 years old. I adore working with children as I find it very rewarding, fun and I seem to have the natural ability to bond with them! I am a very open-minded person and I seem to get on with people from all walks of life. I am a sociable and warm person with lots of energy to keep the children entertained. In particular, I enjoy teaching and helping children with their English language skills as well as arts and crafts! I love the outdoors and nature which I also believe is extremely important for children. Moreover, I adore travelling (of which I have lots of fun stories to share with the children and the families!). Thank you very much and I really look forward to meeting you!!