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Unaccompanied Minor? We are here to lend a hand with your travel plans. Our new flight-sitting service is the perfect solution for international families in need of travel care for their children. Book a flight-buddy with us today to ensure your child's next solo trip is a fun and memorable experience!

little explorer, ready to travel with his flight nanny
childcare and babysitting for travel
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do you need a travel nanny to accompany your child on a flight?

With many major airlines no longer accepting minors travelling alone, our flight care service is giving families a welcome solution to their travel dilemmas. Modern day families these days are often spread across the globe; it's not always possible for parents to do a round trip flight to drop off the kids at grandma's for the weekend or to spend the school holidays with their dad. And while some airlines do offer an unaccompanied minor package it can still be a worry for parents when they have to wave their children off at airport security.


That's where our bespoke flight-sitting service comes in. By booking a travel-buddy for your children with us you can relax with the knowledge that your kids have an experienced babysitter with them every step of the way! From the check-in, to choosing their favourite comic to read on the journey, having a meal together at the airport and holding their hand during turbulence, our flight sitting service will make your little explorers solo flight a wonderful and happy adventure!

Contact a member of our team for more information today!

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