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Do you need a nanny or babysitter in the fabulous city of London? Now you can book one of our wonderful sitters in London for your next family trip.
Whether you are visiting as a tourist or for business, International Babysitters is here to assist you to make your visit even more memorable. Our babysitters are experienced, professional, friendly and passionate about childcare and we cover a wide range of languages. 
To make a booking request, email our team at
or book directly on our recently launched holiday nanny platform
choose your favourite nanny from our London team.

Emma babysitter and holiday nanny in London England.JPG

Hi, I'm Emma, an art student currently living in my hometown of London. I have been working for International Babysitters for three years ever since completing my degree in Fine Arts in Florence. I have many years of babysitting experience as looking after children has always been a part of my life and it is something I really enjoy! I have worked as a nanny for families in England and Italy, on a regular basis and also as a holiday nanny for children. I love reading stories with children, doing arts and crafts and playing games, I am confident looking after children of all ages from babies to teenagers. I hope to be able to assist your family and care for your children next time you visit London!

Jaala - English and German speaking babysitter in London, England

Hello, my name is Jaala. I was born and raised in Australia but my background is German and Italian so I also speak fluent English, German and some Italian. I moved to London a year ago and absolutely love this city! I really enjoy and am good at looking after children as I have two much younger siblings. I am defintely a social, creative and organised type of person and enjoy spending my free time outdoors, cooking healthy food and making arts and crafts. I am very excited to meet you and your family soon!


Hi, my name is Lauren. I am from Dublin, Ireland and first started working for International Babysitters while I was studying business in Florence.  Over the last seven years I have been looking after children of all ages. I have significant experience and babysit weekly while also nannying during the summer months. I have built up excellent relationships with these families and have got repeat jobs on a regular basis. I like to keep fit and love playing outdoors with the children I mind, I balance my work and university life with an outgoing social life. I am caring, patient, tolerant and have a real love and empathy for children.

karina, babysitter in Ecuador.jpgitalian-french-and-spanish-speaking-babysitter-in-london

My name is Karina! I´m from Quito in Ecuador. I speak: English, Italian, French and Spanish. I have lived in Belgium for a year and in the US for six  months and also Florence, Italy where I did a Masters degree in Interior design. I have a passion for arts and creative activities!!! One of my goals when babysitting is  to make children laugh and learn so I always prepare many activities to share with them.  I like to play, sing, dance, tell stories, cook and explore the nature! I am part of a kids Foundation  where I became a volunteer. I´ve always worked with kids as a babysitter with numerous families.  I love to share my time with babies and kids (all ages)! I´m looking forward to know your family and take care of your children!


Hello, my name is Silvia, I'm 27 years old and originally from Prague. I just moved to London. I'm a freelance fashion stylist and I also really enjoy looking after children. I have one year of professional babysitting experience in Italy where I also was part of the amazing team of International Babysitters. I have many experiences with babysitting. I'm very easy going, responsible, kind, funny and creative, that's why kids really like me. I like walking, reading, fashion, art, yoga and cooking. My mother tongue is Czech, I'm fluent in English, intermediate Italian and basic French and Russian. I'm so excited to meet your family!

Sarah - German babysitter and holiday nanny in London, England

Hi, my name is Sarah, I am 21 years old and from Germany. I am a warm-hearted, responsible person and I have always been passionate about the work with children. I love going on adventures, being in nature, reading stories, playing games and discovering the world with kids. Over the last two years I worked in various childcare jobs, starting with being a primary school teacher in Australia, running a Kids Club in Austria, spending the summer working in a Kids Club in Greece or just doing some babysitting. What excites me most about the work with children is to see them happy and having fun.

Daisy - British nanny in London.jpg

My name is Daisy, I live in London and first started working for International Babysitters while I was studying in Florence. I am an art graduate and studied at University in London. Alongside my passion for painting and many other creative paths, I have always been driven to support and communicate with children. This stemmed from growing up with parents that foster, and have done for 26 years. Until leaving home, my whole childhood entailed supporting, disciplining and sharing a home with many other children and being a part of a family with a lot of love and care to share.  I have been fortunate to watch young children from tricky backgrounds bloom and grow into incredible human beings in my family home, striving to inspire them and encourage confidence in areas they may be lacking. It has always been important for me to continue looking after children in the same light as my parents did at home and would be an absolute pleasure to transfer the same care and skills to other children I am able to look after.  

Mina-Bristish-nanny-in-london,england, persian speaking

I am Mina, a mature nanny with British citizenship although I am of Iranian heritage. My upbringing taught me the importance of a stable family home and of the cultural values of Middle Eastern societies, and I have used this experience in bringing up my own three children. I have a genuine love for kids and I love getting to their level and having fun with them. I have lots of experience of being with children from 0 to 100! I am known for my personal qualities such as trustworthiness, flexibility, positivity and great inter-personal skills. In my private life I enjoy art and crafts, gardening, cooking and walking."


Hi, my name is Casey, I am an out going 24 year old nanny and nursery nurse based in London. I work in a nursery two days a week and then nanny the rest of the days. I have been in childcare for 4 years now and I love spending time with children, I enjoy watching them grow and seeing their personal development! I have worked with children aged 3 months up until 5. In my spare time I enjoy going to the gym and exploring different countries! I am a hard worker and very confident in what I do, I love spending time with children and creating a bond with them! I am outgoing and very approachable.


Hello everyone! I’m Shae 22 from the Uk London. I am half Jamaican and half English. I have over 4 years of experience working with children aged 1-16. I am a bubbly, fun and energetic individual who loves spending time with children. I have worked as an outreach tutor working with children aged 7-16 and have worked in a variety of nurseries where I completed my Level 2 in Childcare. In my previous job I worked as a nanny for two different families in London which I adored! I am comfortable with travelling to other cities and countries. Hope to hear from you soon :)

sheila-babysitter-and-holiday-nanny-in-london-england-who speaks-spanish-french-english-portuguese-and-some-german

Hola familias! My name is Sheila, I'm a Spanish/Italian originally from Spain, Valladolid,  currently living in London. I studied Arts and Child education and I enjoy being around children; in one way or another, I have always worked with them. I have more than 10 years of experience in childcare. I work as a Yoga teacher, I love teaching this discipline even to the youngest, and as a Spanish teacher. As a babysitter, I have an excellent record of working successfully with families in different settings. I also spent time volunteering for children in care and have developed strong skills in supporting young children. I have worked in nurseries schools and as a private nanny, with infants up to teens. My hobbies are Yoga, traveling, swimming, music, I consider myself a patient, responsible, sporty, and cheerful person. I speak Italian, Spanish  and English, but I can understand other languages such as Portuguese and French and a bit of German. Looking forward to meeting you!

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