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Our babysitters and vacation nannies in Bologna and Modena. We cover a wide rfange of languages, all of our babysitters are fully vetted, professional and friendly. For more information email us at or book online with our new website


Hi everyone! My name is Jonathan, originally from the Philippines but have been living here in Bologna, Italy for more than 10 years now, so I speak both Italian and English fluently. I also know Spanish and French - basic level. I studied at the oldest University in Europe(probably the world), University of Bologna, and have had various jobs in the past. My experience with childcare dates back to when I was a teen myself. My parents moved abroad for work and I was left at home with my brother who was 3 years old. Even with the aid of our grandmother, I took the initiative to take care of my younger sibling for more than 3 years. Here in Italy I also did babysitting jobs full time for 2 years with some family friends’ children: from ages 2 and above, mainly keeping them occupied while their parents are off to work and helping them with their English or Maths homework. I am keen to details but also fun to get along with, very patient and understanding at the same time. I always put 100% into helping both the family and the kids in whatever goal they may have. Looking forward to meeting you soon!


Hi I am Pranto. I am from Bangladesh. I have been living in Italy for 6 years now. I speak English fluently. I also speak Italian, Bangla and Hindi. I am studying at the University Of Bologna. I have had many experiences taking care of children of all ages. I also did tutoring for kids. I usually teach English and Maths. While I am with the children I love to draw, play games, play music with them and help them with homework if needed. I always pay attention to what each specific kid would love to do the most. Since they all have different interests. My hobbies are Gardening, traveling , photography, music and cooking. I am a friendly, responsible and hard working person. Hanging out with the kids gives me so much joy. They are the purest thing in the world. Hope you give me the pleasure to meet and spend time with your Angel.


Ciao-dy! My name is Rowland. I live in Modena, Italy. So, you want someone that will treat your kids as if they are important and valuable right? So, this is where I come in. I am here to treat your child with the love and care that I would give to my own
family and friends. Therefore, I am here to help you have peace of mind while away, while also helping your children be content and calm as well. I have 3 years of experience in total working with kids, from babysitting, to Elementary school, to helping run summer camps. Through this experience, I have learned many games that engage the children both intellectually and physically. For example, I am also happy to try fun recipes with the kids as an activity. I am also sporty, enjoying tennis, martial arts, and dancing. I am a big racing fan with an automotive engineering background. So don’t be afraid to ask me to accompany your kids to their sporting practice, or to
watch a big sporting event, or to help them complete their technical projects. Looking forward to meeting you.

Hi, I am Autumn, originally from the US, I have been living in Italy now for 3 years, previously in Florence and now in Ferrara, a city near Modena. I recently completed a degree in global marketing and I was an au pair for two years in Florence for an Italian family and have also worked in kids summer camps in the states. I have been a babysitter for International babysitters for 3 years now, in that time I have worked at kids clubs and babysat for tourists and at events and weddings. I am very artistic, I love doing arts and crafts with children, I also have experience teaching English as a foreign language. I am friendly, responsible, down to earth and I am looking forward to meeting your children soon!

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