Due to popular demand, International Babysitters now have a wonderful team of babysitters and holiday nannies in the most romantic city in the world - Paris! All of our babysitters are fully-vetted, experienced and carefully selected for their personalities, humour, intellect and kind natures to ensure your children enjoy their time with them as much as possible and are safe, secure and happy! For more information or to book your Paris childcare just email info@internationalbabysitters.com and and our experienced and friendly team will be happy to help!

Hi, I am Susi, I am a German nanny who has been living in Paris for almost 10 years and I speak English, German, French and Norwegian. I have many years of professional experience caring for children of all ages, from infants to preteens. In my previous role as daytime nanny to a busy family of five children, I learnt how to manage the varying needs of children in diverse stages of development. I honed the ability to care for each child individually, while paying close attention to the needs of the group. I take safety extremely seriously. Taking care of young children, especially babies, is very rewarding for me and over the years, I have developed special techniques that prove useful in calming young babies. For me the most satisfying aspect of being a nanny is creating special bonds with the families I work for and seeing the positive impact I have on the children I look after. In my spare time I enjoy yoga, visiting the art galleries in Paris, and I have a keen interest in opera, chess and being in nature. 

Hi , I am Aliza, I am 25 years old and currently studying Masters of Computer Science in Paris. I am ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams, coming all the way from the beautiful Himalayan country Nepal and chasing my dreams here in Paris, France. I am an enthusiastic, hardworking and creative woman . I love being with children and have experience as a private teacher and babysitter. I would love to engage with children and do fun activities like story telling, drama, poetry, rhymes , dancing and singing, paper crafts. I am fluent English speaker and beginner in French. I am a reliable and positive girl and I look forward to meeting your wonderful children.

Hello, my name is Zahra, I am a student in France. I have worked as a babysitter for different families and I have the ability to take care of children and keep them busy in different activities such as painting, making Origami, telling stories in order for them to have an enjoyable through studying and playing. I also have teaching experience both with children and adults. I can use this experience to help children to achieve higher scores in mathematics and English. I am a friendly, responsible, caring, committed and devoted babysitter and I always prioritise the safety of children above all else. I can also help them to develop their inherent potential. I look forward to meeting your family soon.

Hi, I am Chethana, I am from Sri Lanka, I moved to Paris recently for my MBA in business finance. I am 27 years old and I have previous experience as an English teacher for children for 7 years.  I really love to work with kids and enjoy their company. I love looking after kids of all ages, I am very patient and creative. I enjoy drawing, dancing and storytelling more than anything. I am a very responsible person and very considerate of other people. I look forward to meeting you and your children soon in Paris!

Hello, I am Jasmeen from india, a student and babysitter in Paris. I am fluent in English and at level B1 in French. I have a Masters in computer applications and completed 1 year of a Masters in digital marketing in Paris as well. I have 3 years of experience teaching children and babysitting, here in Paris I regularly babysit for some local families. I LOVE being with children, playing games, doing different activities and exploring nature. I am patient, understanding and kind.

Hi my name is Léonore. I am from Paris and studying hospitality and tourism which has taken me to other European cities. I love children and have been babysitting since I was 10 years old (younger cousins.) I have looked after children in Paris and Florence of all ages, I can speak English, French and some German. I hope to meet you and your family soon in Paris!