We now have a wonderful team of babysitters in Milan! Below are the profiles of our Milan sitters and holiday nannies, available for all of your childcare needs during your stay in Milan and Lake Como. All of our Milan babysitters have been fully vetted and are experienced, friendly and professional. For bookings and enquiries email info@internationalbabysitters.com and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help you to organise a nanny for your family!

Donna - English holiday nanny in Milan.J

Hello, I’m Donna from Liverpool. I left England 2 years ago to travel around Europe on my own for 6 months, this was totally the best experience, I like to travel and explore new countries and cultures. I am currently in Milan teaching English, last year I was a preschool teacher in Milan, this year I am teaching English to students aged from 5 years – 30 years of age. I also work as a private English tutor, from basic English conversation and play, to structured lessons, and homework of English, Maths, History and Science, music, reading, arts and crafts. I have a Diploma in Childhood studies and have over 20 years’ experience working with children, preschool, primary and secondary schools, private tuition and babysitting. Your child in my care would be looked after like one of my many 14 nieces and nephews, play would be fun and educational, I would ensure that your little one’s holiday was filled with wonderful memories for their future.

Paulina - babysitter Milan.jpeg

Hello! My name is Paulina, I’m 27 years old from Mexico and I have been living in Milan since September 2018. I’m currently doing my master degree at Politecnico di Milano in Design for the Fashion System. I have had various experience with child care like tutoring, summer camps and I also have worked as a personal assistant and babysitter in Los Angeles, California. Here in Milan I work as a babysitter and Spanish, English tutor. I love making arts & crafts and playing with the kids in the garden or parks. I speak Spanish, English and a medium level of Italian.  I hope to meet you and your little one/s very soon!

English babysitter -Lake Como - Inernational Babysitters

Hello everyone, my name is Mary, I'm British , a Londoner Born and Bred. I have been living in Italy, Lake Como for 10 years and working as a Bilingual Nanny. I Have many years  of experience in this field.
I Love my job, working with children, be it nannying or tutoring children in English. I  have several families who I work for on a regular basis, I pick their children up from school, prepare their snacks, if It's sunny we go out for a walk, if it's raining we do creative activities indoors painting/drawing, some fun Theatre for kids. I also read them fairytales in English. I work with children from, six months to 13/14 year olds.  I Love Yoga /swimming, reading and seeing a friend for a coffee on my day off. I love The Theatre/Cinema.

Sonia, australian babysitter in Milan.JP

My name is Sonia. I am an Australian living in Milano and have been for 13 years. During my time in Milan I have been working with children enhancing their English. The field and experience expand from my experience as a teacher, tutor,  summer holiday nanny and many aspects of childcare. I love looking after children and teaching them, it is my passion. I am a an easy going person, in my spare time I enjoy running, cooking and travelling as much as possible.

Russian and English speain babyitter in Milan, Italy

Hello! I am Maria, 24 years old, from Russia. I’ve been living in Italy for 3 years already. I graduated from Moscow State University as an interpreter and a teacher of English and Italian for kids. Since my teenage years I’ve been working as a babysitter and after graduation I started giving private lessons of English and Italian. My experience includes work in kindergarten with children of 4-5 years old; working in a family with two daughters (3 and 5 years old); spending summer in a family during vacation with a girl of 7 years old (babysitting and teaching Italian.) I really enjoy spending time with kids playing, studying, exploring something new and just having fun!

Enzo - Italian and French speaking babys

Hey everyone! My name is Enzo, I'm French / Italian and I recently moved to Milan to study at university. I lived in Shanghai for 4 years with my family and went to International school there where I was actively involved in the student council. My main childcare experience comes from the 3 years that I have worked as a swimming coach with kids from ages 4 to 15. I was swimming team vice-captain in Shanghai and I am very passionate about the sport.  I have also been a tutor for children in many subjects, often to help them keep up with homework. I am very academic and I enjoy teaching. I have several years of babysitting experience as I regularly babysat for a family on a weekly basis for 4 years who had kids between the ages of 4 and 12. I can speak French and English fluently and am working on my Italian too. I love to cook, I also love to spend time with kids and animals as I have done a lot of pet-sitting in my past. I am a responsible, patient and fun babysitter and I always give 100% of my attention to the kids I babysit. I look forward to meeting yuor family in Milan soon!

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Hello, my name is Silvia. I'm 27 years old and I'm from the Czech Republic. I moved to Milan two years ago. I'm a freelance Fashion Stylist and I also really enjoy taking care of children. I have one year of professional experience as a full-time nanny in Italy. I also worked as a summer camp counsellor. I come from a big family of 5 siblings so I have many experiences of taking care of them since the baby born. That's the reason why I do love spending time with kids. I'm very easy going, responsible, kind, funny and creative that's why kids really like me. I like walking, reading, fashion, art, yoga, and cooking. My mother tongue is Czech. I'm fluent in English, intermediate Italian and basic French and Russian. I'm so excited to meet your family!

Ayelle, French babysitter and holiday na

Hello! My name is Ayelle and I am from Paris, France. I moved to Milan this year to study political science. I used to work with children often back home, and I want to continue this experience while I am here! I am quite used to be with children since I have 4 baby nieces and nephew who I really enjoy to take care of. But my main experience is babysitting regularly a 5 and 10 years old kids. I also did some volunteering as a tutor for elementary and middle school kids, which was a great experience for me. I can speak English as well as French and Italian. In my spare time, I like to go to the cinema, to cook and to travel when possible!


Hello! My name is Aldrey, I am half German and Italian but I was born in Brazil. 

I have been living in Milano since April, studying Italian. My mother language is Portuguese, I speak Spanish and English fluently and I also have an intermediate knowledge of italian. I have a degree in Pharmaceutical and Biochemistry. I’m Pharmacist! ️I lived for 4 years in United States- 1 year in California, 2 years in Miami and 1 year in New York, where I studied as a Personal Stylist. In California I was a live in nanny for a family with three children - 3 year old twins and a boy of 7 years old. Here in Italy, I regularly babysit a boy of 8 years old. I’m kind, loving, funny, positive, always smiling and a responsible person who enjoys spending time reading, walking, listening to music and doing Sports. I have experience babysitting children ages 3- 11. I look forward to meeting you and your family!


Ciao! My name is Sabrina. I am originally from NYC and now living in Lake Como. I have worked for several years in NYC as a paediatric physical therapist with children as young as newborn through teenage years. I also have a great deal of experience working with children with special physical and behavioural needs. Given my love for working with children, I also babysit outside of the clinical setting. I love developing ideas for play based on the child’s imagination and interests. I also love being outdoors and active when able, especially playing sports, and when it’s time to relax I love reading stores. I am a native English speaker, but also speak Italian. I so look forward to opportunities to meet your family!


Ciao! My name is Nicoletta, I'm 33 years old, I'm Italian and yes, I know how to cook! Babysitting was my first job at the age of 16 and at 18 I had my first solo trip to Belgium where I spent the summertime living with a lovely family as au-pair girl. After this moment I never stop travelling and every summer I escaped from my routine in a foreign country. Three years ago I had a round the world trip by myself: one year to get deep into many different cultures and meet a lot of different people. I opened my travel blog and wrote a children's book about the experience to share with the others. I love looking after children and have experience with kids ages 4 and above. I find it really easy to connect with children and have fun with them! I speak fluently English, french, Portuguese, pretty good Spanish and a little bit of German. Hope to meet you soon!


My name is Eliana, nice to meet you! A little about myself - I am curious by nature and enthusiastic, I enjoy looking after children and to explore their world of creativity and imagination. Throughout my high school and university years, I regularly babysat for a range of different families who I became very close to and who I still keep in touch with. During each experience, I saw how important trust was, and how much a personality click with the child can transform a task into a fun and enriching time together. Those elements are what I am seeking in my next families. Growing up in Brussels in an international environment, I am fluent in four languages: French, Italian, Dutch, and English. Looking forward to meeting you! 


Hey! I am Imane. I moved to Milan last summer for my studies, I am pursuing a bachelor’s in economics and management with an artistic twist. I am Moroccan and I am fluent in 3 languages Arabic (classical and dialects), English and French since I attended a French high school and I am aspiring to learn Italian during my stay. I come from a big family where I am the responsible big sister around my younger siblings and cousins of various ages starting from 3, an age I am comfortable around. I also have experience working in a summer camp, where I looked after groups of children. I am a crafty person and I love be-friending children through fun activities like small art projects such as painting or modelling plasticine. I am full of energy for the outdoors as I am a vivid rock climber and I would be happy to teach your children starting with baby steps in the park. I look forward to your consideration and working with your family.


Ciao, my name is Elisa, I am Italian and live in Como with my family. I speak English fluently as I lived in the UK for a year. I love fashion and art and I graduated last year in fashion business, and I have babysat since I was a teenager for children of all ages. Now I am working full time as a nanny to a little boy who is 18 months, I enjoy looking after him and taking him for long walks and to play outside in nature. I love to cook and read stories with children, I am a very responsible, creative and patient. I hope to see your family soon when you visit Como!


My Name is Agathe, I am from Tours, a small city in the North of France where I have lived my entire life. About a year ago I moved here to Milan in order to pursue my studies in Business at university. I am currently enrolled in a bachelor of Economics and Social sciences. I am fluent in French and English and also have basic knowledge in Spanish and Italian. I have been baby-sitting my entire life, starting with cousins in the summer and then turning to regular families who could count on me to pick their children up from school and care for them every afternoon. I have experience with children of all ages and more specifically from 2 to 12 years old. I have also had experience with tutoring and often found myself providing those two services to a number of families. I love being around kids and being creative in finding activities to entertain them !


Hi! My name is Tomiris and I am studying International Economics and Management in Milan. My experience babysitting starts from my early years as I have 3 younger brothers. In addition to that I was always volunteering at children’s hospitals and orphanages. I’ve always felt like a kid at heart so I feel at ease when interacting with children. Growing up with boys I know how to use their energy wisely. I love to play games myself, and my love for learning pushes me to let children learn in a fun and non-traditional manner. I speak Russian, Kazakh, and English fluently, and I am currently learning Italian.


Hi everyone, I am Sohani, originally from Sri Lanka, I've been here in Italy (milano) since 2016. I am an English teacher who has worked at several international schools in Italy. I love working with kids, before I come to Italy I worked at an international school in Sri Lanka as an ESL English teacher. Since coming to Milan I worked at a bilingual nursery as an assistant English teacher for the kids ages 1.5 to 3. Then i got a chance to work as an Cambridge young learners exam practitioner at a language school and also with the British Council of Milan. I also have experience as a private English tutor/English,Italian baby sitter/English nanny. I worked for an Italian family with 2 girls of age 1.5 and 4. and as an English nanny for a family who have a boy of 5 years old. I completed my higher studies in Sri Lanka through biological stream Including the subjects, Physics,chemistry,biology,English and general ICT. My second language is English (native).Once I came to Italy I also studied Italian language and my level is now c1. I have a very good knowledge about people, ethics and interacting methods with kids. I am really pleased to travel and work with kids, empathy, caring and listening are my jewels appreciated by children and  their parents.


Hi! My name is Stephanie and I am from Bolzano, northern Italy, where I graduated from “Hannah Arendt School for social professions” as a child care assistant. My experience in babysitting starts from my early years as I have 2 younger brothers. In addition to that I volunteered at an orphanage in Ecuador when i was 19. I’ve always felt like a kid at heart so I feel at ease when interacting with children. I am very creative and I like to invent educative activities and games. I worked for 11 years as the head of the children department at a hotel for families in Alto Adige, where I worked with children and teens from 0 to 16 years of age. During this experience i programmed games, educative and fun activities for children and teens. I love to play games myself, and to invent new creative and interactive activities for kids. I also have a lot of tutoring experience, as I also work as a language teacher at a private language school for some hours a week. I speak English Italian and German fluently, and a bit of Spanish.


Hi families! My name is Claudia. I'm from Milan, Italy. I've been an Au Pair in London for one year, in 2017/18. I speak Italian, English and a little bit of Spanish. I've passion for fashion, cooking and travelling! I love making pudding, cakes, sweets with the children.

I love children and I have a great experience working with them from infants to age 13. I started working with kids many years ago as a volunteer for a Theatre Project involving about 100 children with disabilities then I always worked with them until 2017 when I decided to move to London. I lived there for three years, I had the most beautiful experience in my life. I'm very responsible but also fun and always manage to create a great relationship with children (and parents). I love the fact that children in one way or another always have something to teach you. I am looking forward to meeting you and your family soon. 


Hello, I am Edel. Originally from the Philippines. I have been living in Milan for the past ten years. I have been working as nanny since 2008. Eleven long years of continuous career with children from new born up to school age and counting. Taking care of children is not just a work for me but it has become a passion. With my experiences and skills combined with a strong initiative and calm head under pressure. I am confident, I could be an excellent nanny for your kids. I have a passion and love for young learners as I learned a lot of things from them too. Some of my useful childcare skills includes singing and dancing, art work, dressing up like Disney princess and read stories, baking and cooking healthy meal for the family. I keep my self resourceful and creative on the educational activities and games adopted for their developmental age. Furthermore, I am a First Aid and CPR Certified and a non- smoker. My proficiency in using computer and home appliances gives me more confidence on performing role and task on house hold chores.


Hello! My name is Estela I´m from Spain but nowadays living in Milan to study my last year of psychology. I started living on my own at 18 so it wasn't such a big change to come here alone (actually not fully as I brought my dog). I enjoy going hiking and riding bike with her but also playing the guitar, chess, singing, reading and of course travelling and discovering new cultures. At the moment I´m learning Italian, being fluent in English and of course native Spanish. Regarding my experience with children, I started occasional babysitting with 16. At the same age I volunteered on a NGO for children with special needs and economical problems. We organised activities for them such as cooking, crafts, games, trips... The next year I was an au pair for the first time and as soon as I turned 18 I became a leader of the scouts where I was part of since I was 12. 

I don´t only enjoy playing with children them (which of course is great), I like to understand, what their needs are and what is best for them. Not only attending their basic care. It´s so beautiful when a child shows you the colourful world they have inside their head. There is where you realize you actually did a good job.


Hello, my name is Amy I am from the U.K. I recently moved here to Milan, previous to my move to Italy, I have had several years of experience within childcare, beginning at the young age of 16, with my own new-born siblings. During both separate births, my mother experienced severe complications which in turn resulted in hospitalisation and thus my new-born siblings required supervising and raising. Although only 16, I took on this responsibility and cared for my younger siblings and I believe this has rapidly increased my maturity. I then began offering and receiving requests for my babysitting to family, friends and acquaintances, which I continued to do for several years. I studied law, despite my previous 7 years of studying: music, drama and arts…to develop into Family and Child law, especially social services, child negligence and legal guardianship during divorce. During the last year of my studies chose to help within hospital settings on the cancer and children’s wards. I had the opportunity to interact with the children, reading stories, playing with the games and toys available, and even changing diapers and burping the new-born babies. Upon moving to Italy, I have also substituted some classes of children varying from 5 months- 3 years-old.


Hi! I am Alessandra from Brasil but my father’s family is Italian and I used to come a lot to Italy during my childhood. Now I am living in Milan to improve my Italian and to do Further Education in Reggio Emilia Pedagogy. In Brasil I graduated in Psychology and I’ve worked with children in my internships in kindergartens and also in a bilingual school. I love children and have always regularly cared for my younger cousins. My passion for children is what moves me, definitely. Dance and to be close to nature (especially by the ocean) is what nourishes me the most! Besides being with kids: play with them, paint, play games, create games and use our imagination. I love to get into their own “world”. I am excited to get to know you and your family soon! 


Hi, my name is Donata, I am a nanny from Milan and I have been working as a childcare professional since 2012. My first professional job was in an Asilo Nido, looking after 0 –3 year olds and since then I have been a nanny for a total of 6 families. I lived and worked in London for two years as a nanny, my last job was for a family in Milan who have two toddlers, ages 3 and 4. My focus when looking after children is establishing a routine with them, I am organised, patient and caring and I believe children thrive when they have boundaries and lots of love! I have also worked as an occasional babysitter and looked after many different children. I am fluent in English and have an advanced level of Spanish, basic French and of course Italian which is my native language. I like to play the piano which I have been playing for 8 years. I love music, culture and travel. I am also first aid trained.


Hi, my name is Nicola I am originally from Manchester in the UK. I moved to Milano in 2011. At the moment I am currently working part time as a English teaching assistant for children aged between 2.5 years - 6 years old. I have a beautiful 17 month old son. In the past I have worked at a public high school as a teaching assistant working with children aged 11-14 years. I also have done some babysitting in the past. I am very creative and love doing arts and crafts, singing and playing games with children.  I love to travel and explore nature. I look forward to meeting you soon!


Hello! My name is Sophia; I’m very sociable, warm, versatile and open-minded. I’ve been living in Brescia for four years now. I completed my master’s studies not too long ago and I am currently looking forward to future professional commitments. I have been babysitting children before (siblings, family friends, nieces, and nephews etc.) and have also helped children with their homework. I am fluent in English, and speak Italian at an intermediate level, but would love to better my Italian to the advanced level. When I am free, I love to take long walks, explore nature, do a little travel and sightseeing. I love to meet new people, bake and cook when I can. And I enjoy reading, listening to music and watching movies as well. I am very patient and would love to look after kids of all ages. I enjoy playing games with children and finding fun activities to keep them busy. I am a dependable, fun and liable person and I look forward to babysitting for your kids and meeting you soon!


Hi! I am Par, originally from Azerbaijan. I worked as an au pair in Milan for the past two years and now I can help other families with kids. Since I always took care of my nieces and nephews my experience with kids started many years ago. I have over 8 years of professional experience in different spheres, but now I am learning Italian language and  I can look after kids of over 3 years, I can also teach languages and help with homework. I love children, because they are honest, creative, full of energy and simple things can make them happy. I enjoy drawing, crafting, baking, playing games with them or just simply talking. I am a reliable and responsible babysitter and I am looking forward to meeting you and your family soon!


Hello everyone my name is Rossella, I am in my late fifties and I live in Milan city in Italy. For all my life I have been an entusiastic anglophile, I just love anything and everything about English language and culture. I have grasped every opportunity to travel, work and study in the UK: I have also worked as an Au-Pair in London on various occasions, looking after children and adolescents. My professional life has been mainly in the translation/interpreting field but I have also raised my daughter who is now 18 years old and apparently, it has been a success!:) I find the candour and capacity of imagination and wonder in children amazing and lovely. My aim is to make Milan's experience a positive, enjoyable one for young people too, there are hidden gems like small gardens, parks and lovely shops and museums. 


Hello, My name is Ciara and I am from Ireland. I am a native English speaker. I speak a small bit of French and am currently learning Italian. I have 6+ years experience across childcare settings including babysitting, nannying, teaching and summer camps. I am a fully qualified primary school teacher in Ireland. I have just recently move to Milan to teach English. I love working with children and helping them grow and develop. I am outgoing, hard working and enthusiastic. I am more than willing to help your child with their English if that is relevant. I look forward to meeting you in the near future!


Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Valentina I'm 24 years old and I've been working as a nanny for 5 years now. I was born in Argentina, but have lived in Denmark, Australia, and now I’m in Milano, Italy! I'm a dietician, and also hold a diploma in childhood nutrition, but since my degree has not yet been validated in the EU, I plan to continue working as a full time nanny! I can take care of children of all ages, but I especially enjoy being around babies, toddlers and younger kids! Being a nanny is not a side job of mine, this is what I do for a living, although I also used to teach English and Spanish in different platforms. I'm also learning Italian now! As far as personal interests go, I enjoy reading,

doing crafts and being outdoors when the weather is nice. Looking forward to meeting you!


Hi everyone, I’m Alice, I’m 34 years old from Parma, living in the Milan area and

working as Kindergarten head teacher. I have a strong interest in the Montessori method, from which I graduated in the 0-3 years section. Over the last ten years, I have had various work experiences in contact with children, in different contexts, which have allowed me to develop passion and skills that can be used professionally in this

field. I learned to listen and read children’s needs, I have knowledge in the linguistic, communicative and psychological fields, continuing to study to improve my preparation at the university I’m following. I’m positive, energetic person who brings my teaching knowledge in the daily life routine. I have experience with newborn as teenager

as well. Hope to hear from you soon!


My name is Eliana, I’m from Brazil and I’ve been living in Italy for 4 years now. I’ve always worked with kids, as a babysitter as well as an Art teacher. I love working with children because I believe that recreational activities help them build their confidence, creativity and cultural skills. That is also very important for their development at school.

I  enjoy playng games with childen and finding fun activities. I am a reliable, fun and responsible babysitter and I am looking forward to meeting you and your family soon!


Hello, I’m Anastasia. I was born in Moscow, Russia and now I live near Milan, in Paderno Dugnano. I’m married and have two wonderful daughters, they are7 and 9 years old. We lived more then 15 years in Middle East, in Dubai and Doha and now it is time for us and our children to come back and find our roots and discover our Italian Identity. My last year in Doha, Qatar I worked in a British Nursery as Coordinator, part of my duties was to help teachers and assist them in class, spending time with children while doing educational activities like arts and crafts, early education subjects. I also spent lot of time with new kids, helping them through difficult time of settling into the nursery. Having my own kids, I believe that every child needs love, attention safe environment to grow, learn and play, same environment I would like to create for other children. I enjoy reading books with kids, playing and outdoors, making them smile and laugh is best thing in the world. I speak Russian, English and Italian. Open for opportunities and will be happy to assist your family.