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International Babysitters have a wonderful team of holiday nannies and babysitters in Rome. All of our babysitters have been fully - vetted, are experienced, friendly and we cover a wide range of languages. With over 7 years of experience arranging childcare for families while they travel we will ensure you and your children have the best holiday in Rome. Email us at or book online with our new website

Vera - babysitter in Rome.JPG

Hello,my name is Vera. I am Slovak nationality and I moved to Milan in Italy almost three years ago, I have been living in Rome for two years now and love it here. Before I moved to Italy I was working in England for more than 10 years. I have knowledge and experience working with a range of children between the ages of 8 months to 12 years old. My very first nanny job was in private boarding school and after that I was working for many different families in UK. I have been working in childcare since living in Italy. I am very creative and  I love to do many different activities to keep children entertained. I am fluent in English ,Czech ,can communicate in Polish and I am learning Italian.


Hello families! My name is Margherita, I'm 25 years old and I live in Rome, in the Appio Latino / San Giovanni area. I absolutely love children, their pureness and sense of humor, that is why I've been babysitting for two years while I was studying in university. I have experience as a nanny with 3-4-5 year olds, and as an English teacher with 6+ year olds. When it comes to kids, I'm not a big fan of too much screen time and I prefer to read them a book or to let them draw and colour; being an English teacher also taught me how to use flashcards and other didactic tools in a fun way, and with my master's degree in languages I would be very happy to help you if your children need a fun and easy language tutoring.

Merve - Turkish babysitter in Rome

Hi! I'm Merve and I'm from Turkey. Currently, I'm a Master student at a University and living in Rome. I can speak Turkish and English, also learning Italian and French. I've passion for art, swimming and travelling! I love spending time with kids (all ages). I'm a very good observer which is beneficial for my ability to teach. I started to baby-sit while I was also teaching swimming to kids. Moreover, during my bachelor I voluntarily taught English to kids between 9-11. I can prepare meals, take them from school and play games for hours! I enjoy the challenge of managing multiple activities while ensuring the safety and well-being of children in my care. My goal is for parents to experience worry-free time away from home knowing that their children are in competent hands.

Alejandra - Ecuadorian babysitter in Rome

My name is Alejandra, I am Ecuadorian and have lived in Rome for the past two years. Currently, I am a junior in college, majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Business. I speak Spanish, English, Italian and a little German. During my free time I enjoy travelling, learning new languages, and photography. Since I am 7 years old I have been involved with child care. As a teacher at my church´s Sunday school, I worked with children aged 1 to 6, mostly. I enjoy spending time with children since they are always full of energy, happiness and joy. My favourite activities with children are singing, coloring, and playing. I consider working with children a pleasure, since every time I do it I learn something from their innocence, passion and appreciation for the world.

Noura - Arabic speaking babysitter Rome

Hi, I'm Noura from Syria and I'm doing Master degree in computer science engineering at a university in Rome. I speak English fluently, basic Italian "since I've been here for less than a year" and Arabic which is my native language. I have babysat kids from different ages and we had so much fun together, playing soccer, drawing and painting in addition to make cookies together! I worked for a while at the children public library in my city, where we used to organize daily and weekly events for kids especially in summer like  languages courses, painting, reading stories. I come from a big family with lots of baby cousins around so I'm used to being with kids of all ages, playing games and teaching them. I'm sure I will be a great help for your family while you are on holiday here and you can be confident that your kids are in a good hands!


My name is Samrawit or Sam for short, I am training as a paediatrician in Rome and I love working with children. I believe I am responsible, detail - oriented and attentive with children. I am playful and patient to their needs. I have a happy energy to be around, I speak fluent English and I can understand a child's growth patterns, language development and behaviour. I have two years of experience working with children in paediatric clinics and I love to make them smile and see them happy!

Isha, international babysitter in Rome.J

Hi, I am Isha from Nepal. I moved to Italy three years ago for my Bachelors degree. I am currently studying in an American University in Rome where I study International Business and Political Science. I enjoy playing and being around kids. Also, I have extensive experience working as a babysitter and tutor. I speak English, Hindi, conversational Italian and basic French.  

Giorgia - English speaking holiday nanny

Hi! My name is Giorgia and I'm from Rome. I am 24 and I'm about to start the master in Infant services management in Rome. I got back in February 2018 from an awesome experience in San Francisco, California, where I worked as an au pair for one year in a beautiful and sweet family where I took care of three kids (9 yo, 6 yo, 3 months). I used to work Monday - Friday for 45 hours per week.

I started babysitting 4 years ago with a 9 month old baby girl in Rome and since then I always like to spend time with kids. I have a degree in languages that's why I would like to work with kids speaking english so that I can also always improve and practice with the little one that I really love. My english level is pretty good thanks to my experience in the USA and in England where I attended the summer classes during the high school. I live with my family and I love them so much.

I am a responsible, patient and sweet person who love being and spend time with kids and watching them discover new things and new experience that can be helpful for their growth. I love traveling and spending time with other people.

Danielle, American holiday nanny in Rome

Hello. My name is Danielle and I am 24 years old. I recently moved to Rome from the United States to attend University.  Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I learned to love the outdoors and always stay active. I am learning Italian and also know some Spanish and Farsi. My experience with children ranges from infancy to middle school age.  I have been working with children for about 6+ years and have a wide range of experience including babysitting, nanny provider and daycare teacher.I have training in first aid, CPR, infant safe sleeping , allergies, and special needs. During those six years as a preschool teacher at a home daycare I managed the preschool curriculum. Education is a passion of mine, so I enjoy seeing children having fun while learning.


Hi, my name is Vaiva, I am 24 years old and I have recently moved to Rome. I work with Lithuanian - Italian families. I have experience with children of all ages. For more than a year I worked as a kindergarten teacher in a mixed age group. I have also worked as an assistant organising children's parties and I have done some volunteering with school age children from harsh environments. I love teaching and I also enjoy actively and creatively spending time with kids.

Desere - Englis, Indian and Arabic speak

I am Desere of Indian origin and I live in Rome, Italy. I am a mother of three children who I admire, love and cherish. I am married to an Italian and have been visiting Italy since '95 and moved here 5 years ago. I come from an aviation background with my speciality being in travel and tourism. I love Italy and all that she has to offer, especially the beauty of Rome, her parks, zoos, the planetarium, its museums and churches, not forgetting the vatican. I look forward to being a part of your family who I know, like me, you hold dear and through babysitting your loved ones I wouldlove to bring my experience and gratitude of this beautiful country to you during your visit with us. Love, Desere.


Hello families! I´m Alexandra! I am originally from Ireland but currently living in Rome. I am a middle school science teacher who loves to travel and meet people! I adore my job working with students of all ages and teaching them to be curious. I am also a TEFL teacher and believe communication is key to everything. Aside from my teaching profession, in Ireland I was also a volunteer with Riding for the Disabled in Ireland. I have professional and personal experience with different age groups and with children with various capabilities. Teaching is my passion and career but learning from my students also is a gift. I love animals and have a wide range of interests such as chess, reading, movies, swimming, sailing and horse riding. I am a patient and caring person that believes it is my responsibility that your children are cared for while allowing them to have fun, grow and be themselves in a safe and secure environment.

Noemi, Italian babysitter in Rome

Hi there, I’m Noemi, 23, i’m a proud italian from Monza, tap dancer, ukulele player and world trotter. I work as an adapter for tv series and movies even if my previous job experiences don’t concern languages cause I’ve always worked and still work as a dance teacher, educator in kindergartens and teacher for kids and adolescents who needed help studying for an exam or a certification. I love teaching and sharing, talking and traveling, discovering and helping. I love learning and who to learn from better than a child! 


My name is Gulshan and I am from Azerbaijan. My bachelor's degree is Social work, nevertheless now I am doing master on Fashion field in Italy (Rome) . Due to my first degree I have almost 6 years-experience with children and adolescents in some NGO's, state schools, private organisations in different positions. Language skills: Azerbaijan language (native), Turkish (native), English (intermediate), Italian (pre-intermediate), Russian (basic). I enjoy communicating with kids, because I love them. I understand working with children is a big responsibility and I am always very aware of this when I am babysitting but for me childcare is not like work For me it is sharing time with the cutest and funniest persons in the world while caring and protecting them. My hobbies are learning new abilities and languages, participating at international projects, travelling, watching films, listening music. 

Sally - Egyptian babysitter in Rome, Ita

My name is Sally! I´m from Egypt, I am currently doing a Master’s in Business Administration in Rome. I speak: Arabic, English, Italian, and French. I lived in Florence for a year with girls from worldwide and I’ve been travelling throughout Europe and Middle East. I am very passionate about children and education! I’ve been an English teacher and activities coordinator for 2 years , I also worked as a Montessori Teacher for kids aged from 5 till 12. I’m a scout leader for kids since 2010. My main goal when babysitting is not only to make children laugh and play but also to teach them something valuable which will distinguish them from others. I always prepare many activities to share with them.  I like to play, do crafts, sing, dance, read, and explore the nature! Looking forward to know your family and take care of your children!


Hello, my name is Nancy from Kenya. I have been living in Italy for 10 years now. During my stay here I have had a great time nannying and housekeeping. I enjoy working with children because they represent hope and the future to me. I can never get enough of their lovely innocent personalities and truthfulness. Knowing that my job is to help kids achieve their full potential and to help them feel happier and better about themselves, brings a huge smile to my face and helps me sleep better at night!
I have training in First aid and Laundry & Ironing. I fluently speak and write English and Italian. My references describe me as a responsible and reliable, caring and calm person and always willing to help wherever needed. I look forward to meeting you!


Ciao! I am Afnan, I am 26 year-old, I am from Pakistan and I love to look after kids. I have 1.5 years of experience in taking care of children from ages 2 years to 11 years. Currently, I am studying MSc in health and physical activity among children of different age groups. I have been living in Rome and plan on staying here for as long as I can! I can speak Italian as well as English fluently. When I am with children I like to engage them with recreational activities, indoor as well as outdoor games, music, arts and crafts, board games, parks and playgrounds, and health-related physical activity. I am a very kind-hearted person and have a positive nature inside out. I have the quality to interact with kids and create a friendly environment. I look forward to meeting you and your family and hope you have an amazing time in Rome! 


Hey, I am Amal, from Tunisia. I moved to Rome in September 2019 to pursue my studies and have a master degree in data analytics at university. Besides Arabic, I speak fluently English and French. I am a very dynamic person, responsible, multitasking and funny. While taking care of your kids we will do some certain activities that will help them to enrich their thinking and knowledge, I will help them in their homeworks if they have, discover their hobbies and do a lot of singing, dancing, drawing, acting activities… Be confident that your kids with me will have so much fun while learning so many things, see you soon ! 


My name is Emma, I'm 32 years old and I recently moved to Rome with my husband, before coming to Rome we lived in Bologna where I had a cafe. I am a sociable and creative person, I like to be in contact with people, I love cooking and I love children. I have a degree in archaeology and this allows me to make people interested in ancient history. Since I was a student I've always looked after children and young people and for the moment there's nothing more beautiful for me than seeing a happy child and a mother who can carve out some time for herself and be able to give her best at home. I hope one day to be that mother.


Ciao! My name is Linh, I am from Vietnam. I moved to Rome in September 2019 to study my Bachelor degree. I can speak Vietnamese fluently as it is my native tongue, I am fluent in English, can speak a little bit of Chinese and I am still working on my Italian.  I love reading, solving puzzles, travelling and listening to music. During my free time back in Vietnam, I usually hang out with my lovely and adorable nieces and nephews who are still very little, around 3-5 years old. I have also taught English to children since I was at high school. I am reliable, gentle, funny, friendly ( especially with kids) and observant and respectful. Taking care of children has taught me how to be patient, responsible and I find children teach me new things all the time, that is why I love being around kids so much.


Ciao, my name is Marlen, I have been a nanny for over 20 years and in that time I have worked for many families. I have a lot of infant experience and have also worked as a night nurse and with families who are adjusting to becoming new parents, to help their infants to settle into a routine, advice on feeding and caring for a newborn. I love children of all ages and have devoted my life to their care. I have my own children who are now grown up and who are my world.I can speak Spanish and Italian fluently and some English. See you in Italia! A presto.


Hi, I’m Poppy from England. I live in Rome and I have experience looking after children from the ages of 3 and up. I like to take an active role in childcare, engaging children with a wide range of activities including Arts & Craft, cooking and fun games. I also have experience helping children learn English and I am fluent in French and I have done Au Pair work in France. I will be going on to study Medicine next year and I’m interested in paediatrics as I find working with children to be very engaging and varied, which is something I love. 


Hi! My name is Geraldine, currently I’m living in Rome. I have lived previously in Ireland and Mexico, I’m originally from Argentina. I’m an active girl, like to do a lot of activities, and learn new things. I used to practice contortionist, acrobatics and Polynesians dance; in this last one I had the opportunity to teach and had an infant group. I enjoy traveling, dancing and learning about new cultures. My mother tongue is Spanish, I speak fluent English and I’m learning basic Italian. I have previous nanny experience looking after children in the age range of 6 months to 10 years and also, I help my family taking care my cousins for years, now I consider them as my little sisters. Would be amazing if I can help you with your family, looking forward to hear from you.


Hello, I am Selina, a Tanzanian lady, I have been a resident in Italy since 2001. I speak Italian and English as well as my native language Swahili. I have worked in various  families in Italy of different nationalities caring for children From newborns to 5- 6 years of age. I usually work as a live in nanny so I have obtained a great experience living with children from their waking moments until their bedtime. I am skilled at settling babies to sleep with different techniques. I love playtime with children and babies. I believe that kids are Like an angels and enjoy creating things together and seeing them entertained. I have great experience of preparing nutritious meals for children from their first meals, as well as meals for children of ages of 1 to 6 years. Children have brought me great happiness in my life and I offer a great quality of time for them as we used to spend our full days together. I have obtained a great experience of night duties and have often had full responsibility of babies and children for long periods of time when their parents have gone away for work or short breaks. For me all babies and children are precious and  have brought joy to my life and I always try to bring as much joy and happiness into the lives of the families I work for in return.


Hello, my name is Miriana and I am 22 years old. I am currently enrolled in BA & Economics degree in English, in Rome. I have lived two years in London, firstly in Hendon and more recently in Canary Wharf and worked for the luxurious hotel called The Ned.  I can speak Italian, English, Spanish, Hebrew and French. I am a calm and sweet girl, I love to dance and sing and I am really good at cooking and painting. I have experience with children aged 2, 3, 5 and 6, also during holidays, and I am currently working in a nursery with a classroom of twelve toddlers. My skills include preparing and serving meals, organising fun and educational games, reading story books and planning outdoor activities such as walking to the local playground and park. One of my biggest concerns is  to relate with kids, I believe their minds are an undiscovered world where we can learn from, I like to listen to their stories and I like to give importance to what they think with the goal to strengthen their reasoning and  boost their confidence about their opinions. Music is my language and I love to dance with them, create little ballets and make them explore all their creativity by moving their bodies, it is very important to make them feel comfortable about their movements. I also love to have fun cooking and doing arts and crafts to develop their soft skills! After years of experience with children I still haven’t stopped to learn things from them! 


Hi, my name is Rajae and I have been a babysitter for more than 5 years - growing up with a baby sibling, I have developed a close bond with children, I value play-based learning methods and have a keen interest in helping children explore new ideas. As a nanny and babysitter, I am very patient, caring, considerate and a fun person to be around. I am a people person, nothing makes me happier than meeting someone I used to babysit and remembering all the fun times we had together! I am a reliable person, I always listen to the parents' needs and advice to ensure a better time with the kids. For holidays, being a Mediterranean myself, I enjoy togetherness, and would be a pleasure to help with cooking or other chores. I have experience with children from 3 to 11 years old and speak English, French and Arabic fluently and intermediate Italian.


Ciao tutti, my name is Giada, I am a nanny from Rome. I am a really simple and nice person; always smiling, punctual and organised. I worked as a check-in agent, tour leader, hotel receptionist and children animator for Costa Cruises ship line for 6 years. During my time I looked after children from ages 3 to teenage years, sometimes caring for up to 150 children at a time with our small team of onboard nannies. I love children and especially how they make me feel and I enjoy organising activities, fun games, arts and crafts and sports with children. I love learning new languages and I can speak Italian (mother tongue) and also speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and some German.
I am energetic, patient, understanding and very adaptable and I can easily make connections with children quickly. 


Hi my name is Melanie, I am a British nanny and I have been living in Italy for 6 years. Since then I have been working as a nanny and English teacher for many different families. I love seeing the children I have cared for grow and learn, many of them are now bilingual and I take great pride when I see them switch from Italian to English with so much ease. I have two of my own children who are now grown up and I am experienced with children of all ages including infants. I am a very commited hard working person and always develop great bonds with the children and families I work for.


Hi everyone! My name is Guadalupe and I’m a 21 year old girl from Argentina studying my bachelor’s degree in Rome. I have plenty of experience with kids, having looked after kids from different ages, from 5 months old up to 8 years old. I love working with kids because I feel like it’s a very entertaining and creative job. I speak Spanish, English, and I’m learning Italian at the moment. I love reading, doing sports, going for walks, play music and spend time outdoors. That’s a bit about myself and would love to meet you and your family!


Hello everyone! My name is Reyhaneh. I am originally form Iran and currently living in Rome, as a student of psychology at Master’s degree. I have the experience of working as a babysitter with a lovely family for one year. I enjoy making children happy and promote creativity in them, by using so many indoor and outdoor games and activities.

Also I have a great passion for teaching English, while engaging them through playing.

I consider myself a kind, responsible and energetic person, who is sensitive to the safety of the kids. I am really excited to make perfect moments with your children and I will be available as a holiday nanny, too.


Hi everyone, I am Alexandra, a qualified teacher, English language tutor, nanny and mother from Guatamela. I love working with children and have worked in many kindergartens and schools over the years, mainly in International schools. I have been working as a private nanny in Rome for almost 4 years now. I am an advocate of the Montessori method which I practice with the children I am in charge of. I really enjoy watching children develop, grow and learn. I can speak English and Spanish fluently and have a good level of Italian.


Hi, I am Sarah, I was born and raised in Rome and love my city! I have more than 10 years of experience with children from different places in the world, of different cultures and ages. I worked in a kindergarten and also privately. I am from a very big family with many nieces and nephews to look after! I am a research assistant at a university in Rome. I am very bubbly, friendly and energetic and find it easy to connect with children. I speak English and Portuguese fluently and I know French and Spanish as well! I am a reliable responsible girl who is cheerful and fun at the same time and have plenty of patience sensitivity and dedication to do the most rewarding job I can think of.


Hello! My name is Aiym. I am responsible, calm, sociable person, who can provide secure and loving environment for children. I worked as a babysitter for private household, where I took care of 8 years old & 10 years old children. I have experience of working as an English tutor and volunteer in orphanage, where I could develop my communication, problem-solving and child supervision skills. I am fluent in English, Russian, Kazakh languages, and currently I am learning Italian too. I grew up in a big family of 6 children, so I took care of my younger siblings by doing laundry

, preparing meal, helping with homework. I find that being a nanny allows me to express my creativity and imagination during play. I am also fond of helping children 

learn and grow, and the love I receive back from the children in my care is a valuable thing for me.


Hello, my name is Valerie and I come from Costa Rica, currently I’m studying at the University in Rome, I love sharing with different cultures and learning new languages, I am a native Spanish speaker, but also speak English fluently, my goal this year is to improve my Italian and my Portuguese. Regarding my experience with children, I was brought up in a big family with many cousins whom I always took care of. I have also been a babysitter for 2 beautiful baby girls in the afternoons and evenings back in my home country. I have been a nanny for 2 families in Rome and have worked as an English teacher to kids from ages 1 to 12 at a school here in Rome. I love dancing and listening to music and being around kids. I’m also a very patient person and I’m comfortable taking care of children of all ages, Hope to meeting you and your family soon. 


Hi parents, my name is Eli, your International babysitter in Rome! I am a very attentive, sweet and funny babysitter. I myself am very curious and I always like to talk with children, listen to them and try to understand what they like to do to get along well with them. I have a good attitude and feeling with children because I also enjoy playing with them.

I also have a strong sense of responsibility, organization and attention. I have 8 years of experience as a babysitter from 4 years up to 12 years old and speak English, conversational Spanish and French and my mother language is Italian.


Hello families! I’m Niha and I am Originally from Pakistan and currently fin Rome, Italy for my Master's degree from a university in Rome. I have almost 3 years' experience in nanny / babysitter job. I’ve been a babysitter in a city in Pakistan. I have experience working with children of all ages. I believe I am responsible, experienced, skilled in creating fun, engaging and educational activities with the priority of children's safety and well-being.


“Hello families! I´m Sahithi and I am originally from India and currently living in
Italy. I'm a final year graduating student in building engineering. I have been caring for
children for 5years as a babysitter and as the eldest of two siblings and five cousins. I have a good experience working with infants and toddlers and also elementary school children. I truly love working with young kids and I approach each child as an individual who I get to help grow and teach.


Hello families! I´m Abrish Kafeel and I’m so excited to meet you! I am a Civil Engineer and originally from Pakistan and currently living in Rome, Italy. I have 1 year of experience in childcare as a nanny. I have worked with children from 2017 to 2020 as a teacher. I have experience with children ranging 4 weeks to 16 years.

I am caring, loving, committed, responsible, and diligent. I find such joy in being a positive mentor in a child’s life. My objective for my time with your family is to make a lasting impression through care, devotion, and fun. I am so eager to meet your family. I'm looking forward to meeting you.


Hello everyone I am Goly. l'm originally Iranian but I speak fluent C2 English and also a bit of Italian. I have lived in Rome for 2years.1'm a university student. l'm in my third year of education and love looking after children whenever I can. I am experienced with children of all ages, from infants to school age. I adore children and they communicate easily with me and I can provide references on request to any families who would like to book me as their nanny.


Dear families, my name is Chiara and I am a 32-year-old nanny who specialises in child learning theories. I was born in Rome but at the moment I live in Milan; I have several years of experience with children, from the youngest (baby) to the youngest teenagers. I have also worked as a primary school teacher (public and international) and have experience in teaching Italian to foreigners. I like to work privately with families, I like to use all my energy for an educational project at 360%. I am looking for full time job (in Milan or in Rome). I am a very flexible person with schedules and have no problem helping parents with extras. I am Italian but I speak English (B2 certified level), I am studying for C1 certification. I worked for a year in the UK as an au-pair, my family was great and my host parents were really loving, I was a daughter to them. I love animals, nature and reading immensely. I am writing my second novel, but one day I would like to publish a children's fairytale book ... Maybe we can do it together!

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