Holiday nannies are becoming increasingly popular and our service matches you with your ideal nanny. Vacations are a special time for the whole family; children and parents alike! However we know from experience that when you have children, holidays are not always as relaxing as you would expect!

Children and adults often have very different ideas of what is fun on holiday and  having a holiday nanny can give you the extra time you deserve to relax. When you have been working hard all year nothing can be more blissful than having an hour in the sun and knowing your kids are happy and well looked after! An extra pair of hands and set of eyes can be a blessing, not only will the kids be able to have fun and play to their hearts content, but you will get the chance to catch up on some holiday reading, enjoy some evenings on the town or spend time visiting tourist attractions that you know your children won't appreciate!


Booking a holiday nanny with us will make your special holiday more relaxing and fun for the whole family!

Particularly if you are travelling from further afield, booking a nanny who already lives in Italy has many benefits compared to bringing one from your own country. They are already familiar with Italy and the language, the customs and culture and you will also save yourself money on the flights!

Our nannies have all the energy and enthusiasm needed to keep your kids happy and in turn help your holiday to be the relaxing and memorable break you deserve!

Why come on holiday to one of the most culturally rich countries in the world only to find yourself rushing round the museums with your bored children or unable to have a leisurely meal in one of the many amazing restaurants?

Leave it to us to find the perfect holiday nanny for you family and then the quality time you do share with your children while you're on vacation will be treasured, relaxed and you will have the energy to keep up with them!

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