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Venice is one of the most romantic places on earth, a picturesque, beautiful and unique city, that everyone should see at least once in their lives and now International Babysitters have a great team of holiday nannies and babysitters ready to assist your family with all your childcare needs in Venice. All of our Venice babysitters have been thoroughly vetted to British childcare industry standards, are experienced, professional and friendly, so you can relax with the knowledge your children are in the best possible care. We offer childcare in a wide range of languages and provide a fantastic service which is quick, easy and professional. We are committed to our aim of making vacations fun for the whole family! For booking and enquiries contact us and we can talk you through our range of childcare services!


Hi, I'm Emma, I'm Italian and live in the magical city of Venice. I have 5 years of babysitting experience and have also worked in several summer camps babysitting and cared for kids aged between 1 and 10 years old. I enjoy drawing and reading, I value play time (catch, hide and seek, board and card games) and I like to spend time outside with the children too. I speak fluent English, Italian and advanced Japanese. 


Hi, I am Alessandra, I am an Italian nanny from Venice in Italy. I have about 7 years of childcare experience from toddler age to teen. I worked as a nanny for two years in London and have also volunteered with children. I would love to pass some particular skills to the children that would be useful in their personal development helping

them in dealing with life experiences as they grow. I am very patient and really interested in helping the kids to improve themselves. I can speak English fluently as well as Italian and basic Spanish, French and German.


Hi, my name is Rajae and I live in the magical city of Venice in Italy. I have been a babysitter for more than 5 years - growing up with a baby sibling, I have developed a close bond with children, I value play-based learning methods and have a keen interest in helping children explore new ideas. As a nanny and babysitter, I am very patient, caring, considerate and a fun person to be around. I am a people person, nothing makes me

happier than meeting someone I used to babysit and remembering all the fun times we

had together! I am a reliable person, I always listen to the parents' needs and advice to

ensure a better time with the kids. For holidays, being a Mediterranean myself, I enjoy

togetherness, and would be a pleasure to help with cooking or other chores. I have experience with children from 3 to 11 years old and speak English, French and Arabic fluently and intermediate Italian.

Irade-babysitter-and-holiday-nanny-in-venice-italy .jpeg

Hello, my name is Irade, I’m19, I’m a babysitter. I’m from Uzbekistan, Tashkent.

Currently studying Humanities in university Ca’ Foscari and living in Venice. I’m a very outgoing person I enjoy meeting new people and explore new. I’m fond of children and it’s easy for me to find a common ground with them. Concerning my skills I’m very adaptive and hard working person. I have more than 3 year of experience in the field of childcare in Uzbekistan where I was helping some families with their children. As well as in Venice I also worked for a short time with international families. The age group of 1-12 years. Mainly while babysitting I’m able to: play, draw, create something, do little

household chores, do homework . I’m also a good cook I can bake and make any dishes. I can change diapers, love going to the park with children and doing imaginative fun games. I truly enjoy spending time with children developing their skills

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