Hello! I’m Antonia, from Naples, Italy. I have been working with children for over ten years, but I also used to look after my little cousins during my teens. I like spending time with kids, because they are spontaneous and joyful, and they also make me smile. I am able to look after children from 1 year old and above. I was also an au pair in Ireland three years ago, for six months and I looked after a sweet little girl, and I’m still in touch with the family. I am used to become part of a family, and I easily grow fond of the children. I have a positive and cheerful attitude, kids have fun with me because when we play I become one of them. But I am also very responsible, and protective, and watching them growing up and become the wonderful person they are makes me proud. The activities I like to do with them are board games, imaginative games, creative activities, and outdoors activities. I like cooking, simple nutritious dishes and baking. I am passionate about languages, especially English, and I’m studying to become a translator. I know a little French, I’m also learning German and Spanish. I love reading and listening to music, and I play the guitar; I also teach some kids to play it. I’m looking forward to meeting  your family!

Hi, I am Sara, I am Italian and grew up in a small village near Venice. I have been an au pair in Chicago, America for a year for a family with three children and a nanny in Italy for 5 years for two little girls. I love looking after kids of all ages and seeing them grow up. I also love to play with them and find fun activities inside and outside to engage them. I am reliable, patient, funny, responsible, gentle, sunny and energetic.

Hi families, my name is Patricia from Sardinia. I am a mature, responsible, active, creative and caring person with extensive knowledge of children’s development thanks to my parenting experience, time spent as a language teacher, my on-going collaboration as a

volunteer in a children's care home and as a full-time nanny for private families. I have a great passion for working with children to help them in their development and well-being. I communicate with children through kindness, patience, creativity and impeccable manners. As a language teacher, I have encountered a variety of children from nursery, elementary and middle schools. While working in a children’s home, I became a flexible and understanding worker. I took care of babies and young children and managed their daily schedules. I also participated as a full-time collaborator during their summer camps. Moreover, I consider myself a great family organiser thanks to my accountable personality and my ability to multitask and adapt to different environments. My experience, maturity and personal skills make me a reliable nanny who will effectively help run a household. I am Spanish mother tongue, bilingual in English, proficient in Italian and have basic knowledge of French.