Hi! I’m Eleonora, I’m a Florentine girl and a law student, attending my third year of studies at University in Florence. Recently I have had a lot of time looking after babies since the birth of my niece. I really enjoy reading books out loud to children, playing with all kind of toys, in addition, helping kids with their homework. I speak Italian as my native language, my English is fluent and I also speak Spanish and I have just a basic level of French. During my free time I usually have a walk in the little streets of the centre of Florence or go shopping with my friends. I am a patient and creative nanny and love babysitting kids of all ages!

I am Ana, originally from Brazil. I have been living in Florence for the past two years and when I am not babysitting I also work in communication and marketing. I was a teacher for 4 years in Brazil and have also worked as a nanny in the U.S.A for a family with two toddlers. I love looking after kids of all ages, I am very patient, with a lot of energy and available to play and keep children busy with arts and crafts. I enjoy playing games with children and finding fun activities to engage them with, both indoors and outdoors. I am a reliable, fun and responsible babysitter and I am looking forward to meeting you and your family soon!

Hi, I’m Tatiana, originally from Russia, I have been living in Florence now for over a year. I have experience working as an art teacher with kids and as an interpreter in Art Academy. I am an artist and like to use my skills to play with children and explore the world together. I spent a lot of time with my little cute nephew, worked in several families as a nanny and I know how is important to feel safe and free for parents. I am a very responsible, and enjoy spending time with children. My mother tongue is Russian, I study  Italian and I able to understand languages from slavic group.

My name is Montserrat, I'm from Barcelona but I have been living in Tuscany since 2014. I speak Catalan, Spanish, Italian and English fluently. I adore children since I was a child myself. I studied psychology at university and I've always worked with kids as a babysitter, in summer camps and in an adventure camp with babies, toddlers, teenagers and families. I love playing, telling stories, singing songs, making little ones laugh, cooking and making cakes with children, making crafts and exploring nature. Really I think that children are the most interesting people in the world!

Hello there! My name is Ana. I am 29 years old from Colorado, USA. I first came to Florence as an au pair (four years ago) for an Italian family.  If you want to know some history about Florence, I can share many secrets with you! I've been to all the museums way more than once (Uffizi 14 times!) and I've taken countless walking tours. 

Since arriving here, I have been working with children in various ways. I’ve been with International Babysitters for almost 4 years! In the summer months, I am an English tutor/ camp counselor for Italian children who want to learn English in a fun and engaging way. We do science experiments, water games, make small skits to perform for parents, and much more. The kids learn a lot and it is so much fun! On top of that, I am also certified as an online English teacher for Chinese children. So, you could say I love working with kids!

I have a real natural ability to connect with them and make them feel understood, but most importantly have fun and be safe. I have 15 years of experience with kids of all ages and cultural backgrounds; including newborns and toddlers. Since I have a very flexible work schedule, I am comfortable staying overnight and/or travelling to other cities /countries. I always find a way to fit in naturally whilst allowing the family to connect and bond when together. Trust me, your children will love me! I cook, I clean, I see what needs to be done and I do it. I look forward to meeting you and your family!

Hello, I am  Aida. With a background of music and cinema I have wondered around the world for quite some years and after living in Greece I am settling down in Florence, Tuscany. I have stayed as an au-pair with several families in the past, as well as nanny. My path has taken me to yoga, I have been teaching since 2014 and am completing my shiatsu formation in the near future. I am fluent in English, Italian, french and Greek while my mother tongue is Lithuanian. I am deeply connected to nature and this is definitely one of my highlights - holistic and wholesome way of living, so I love to engage children in exploring playing outdoors, watching nature etc. My approach is somewhat towards Steiner and Montessori.

Hello, my name is Chiara, I was born and live in Florence with my two children, a little dog and a big cat. I have lived in the very centre of Florence for ten years, now I live in the countryside near Florence with my family. I love spending time with children, it’s definitely my favourite hobby! I have always worked as a nanny and a babysitter with children of different ages, from 3 to 10 years old. I have worked for many years in a big bookshop of Florence, where I was responsible for the children area. Furthermore, as a mother, I have a direct and full-time experience with children, how to take care of and entertain them! I have many nephews and nieces of different ages, too, and I like spending time with them. I like playing with children, I like open-air activities as well as reading books and drawing, I like observing the world with their eyes and being involved and infected by their innate energy and happiness. I speak English fluently and German, too, as well as my native language which is of course Italian.

Hi, my name is Laura I'm from Florence but moved to London at the age of 26 and lived there for almost 17 years. I live with my two sons aged 13 and 18 and my two beloved cats. I've been working with children for many years in the U.K. in kids clubs and in Florence as private nanny, at summer camps and as entertainer at parties and events. I have been a nanny for International Babysitters for more than two years and in that time I have worked for families from all over the world as a babysitter, from infants to teens, in Florence and other holiday resorts in Italy. I love being surrounded by children whether they are babies or little rascals, they give you great buzz and vitality! I'm very creative and like to entertain kids outdoor in the nature and indoors doing arts and crafts, singing and any kind of made up games. I'm a very patient person which is certainly needed when caring for children(and adults alike!).I have a driving licence but prefer to cycle most of the times. I'm also part of a choir and singing is my passion. Well..this is a little part of me, I hope I'll have a chance to show this and much more in person. 

Hi, I'm Anna, I was born in Brazil and lived there for 15 years, have dual citizenship, Brazilian and Italian. Live near by Florence with my parents. Can speak Portuguese, Italian and English fluently and a little bit of Spanish. I am an aspiring medical school student, my experience with children are from taking care of my cousins and my parents children also. I believe that because I'm young, children usually feel comfortable with me, I really love playing with them, indoor and outdoor too. I'm very patient, funny and also can cook and love it. Excited to know you and your family

Hello, my name is Francesca, I come from Arezzo and I am studying to become a kindergarten and primary school teacher. I'm a person full of passions: I sing in a choir, I volunteer for the Red Cross, I love dancing, travelling and learning about new cultures. I have a lot of experience with children, I started working in summer camps when I was 15 years old, at 18, I joined the Red Cross and organised workshops for young people. I volunteer in the Meyer Children's Hospital of Florence where I support staff, parents and children. I also had experience teaching music in primary schools and kindergartens with my choir teacher. I studied for 5 months in the University of Helsinki where I helped an Italian teacher to teach children Italian. I've also been doing my internships in school in Florence and Arezzo for 2 years. Since I started to study in the University my passion for education has grown and I spent a lot of time enriching myself through different kind of experiences that can help me when I become a real teacher - for example Erasmus projects and workshops by teaching experts like the ones of "Movimento di Cooperazione Educativa". My mother tongue is Italian but I'm very fluent in English, Spanish and French. I can also speak very basic Finnish. 

Hi, I’m Selene, I’m Italian. I live in Florence and I study painting at an Art Academy. I have experience in babysitting, homework tutoring and party animation for kids. When I’m with children, I like to keep them occupied with arts and crafts, board games, reading stories together, or baking. I’m good at keeping kids focused on a task, and I believe in being patient and positive in any situation. I love children’s creativity and curiosity in approaching daily life. I enjoy engaging in the games that kids invent and teach them new things. Also, if you need to handle a birthday party, I can brighten it up with balloon art and face-painting!

Ciao! My name is Letizia, I am an Italian babysitter, born and raised in Florence. I love children and I am currently training to become a paediatric nurse at a children's hospital, I help to care for children of all ages from newborn to teenage years, I care for them, give them their medicines and try to make them smile and laugh. It is my dream to help children in need and I love spending time with them. I babysit in my free time and I enjoy playing games with children, football, board games, anything they enjoy! I am improving my English now and becoming better every day. I look forward to babysitting your children for you soon next time you visit my home town of Florence!

Hi I am Elena, I am half Mexican and half Italian and come from a beautiful city on the Tuscan coast, Viareggio. I moved to Florence 5 years ago to complete my University studies in teacher education and pedagogy. Travelling, languages and music are my biggest passions. I have a lot of experience studying and working abroad with children especially. I have lived in Finland and most recently India where I helped with the opening of a new school. Since a very early age I started playing the classical harp, an enriching experience that allowed me to lead introductory music courses for children in my hometown. I am very active and I love to play with children, their curiousity and enthusiasm is something I never tire of. I love to share my pedagogical and musical knowledge with kids, creating not only a caring environment, but also a fun, educational experience. I can speak English, Spanish, Italian and French fluently and also a little Finnish.

My name is Elisabeth, I am from Austria, my mother language is German. I lived two years in America so I am also fluent in English. I moved to Florence to study Interior Design. My hobby is  traveling, that’s why I love to be here in Italy and experience a new culture.  I started babysitting when I was quite young since I took care of my younger sister. After that I babysat kids from the neigbourhood and from friends of my family. In 2015 I decided to move to America and work as an Au Pair for two years. During my time as au pair I was responsible for up to three kids at the same time so I learned how to be independent, flexible, reliable, a good listener and also a friend and play partner to them. My relationship between the kids was amazing we had so much fun together and now they are like family to me. It was such a great experience for myself and I totally enjoyed my work. 

"Hello! I am Jill, a social, warm and open minded girl who just moved to Florence from Stockholm. I am currently studying peace and conflict studies, but it is online so my schedule is very flexible. I have been babysitting several children before (siblings, family friends etc.) but also been a diving instructor for children (age 5-13) and have helped older students with their homework. I am fluent in English, but my mother tongue is Swedish. I would love to learn more Italian as well. Before moving to Florence I worked at UNICEF for two years and in the future I want to work with human rights and international relations. When I am not studying I love to walk around in Florence and visit museums and try out different restaurants since I love culture, food and cooking! I also like to be active and running and boxing are my favourite sports right now.

Hi! My name is Alessia and I’m from Scandicci, a city which is very close to Florence; I live here with my family. I’m studying to become a kindergarten and primary school teacher. I’ve had some experiences with children, for example when I’m out with the children of my family’s friends, I stay with them and I play with them. I really like children and I love laughing with them. I speak Italian as my native language, then I speak English very well, Spanish and also French, even if I don’t speak it as fluent as the other two languages. I have a driving licence and, in my free time, I like reading and traveling all over the world, discovering it even from children’s eyes!

I am Dunia, born and raised in Italy, I spent almost fifteen years living in New York and working in fashion. I have two daughters who are now teenagers and love being around children! I have been working as a nanny and babysitter all my life since I was a student and recently worked as a nanny for over two years for a family and their two young boys. I have always being told I have a natural talent with kids and I think it must come from my love for them and their company. My English is fluent and I am a patient and creative nanny.

I’m Letizia and I’m currently studying to become a kindergarten and primary school teacher. Beyond my studies, I’ve always had experiences with children. I’ve been an organizer and entertainer at my parish summer camps, I’ve tutored children in school subjects, I’ve coordinated children parties. In addition, I’ve babysat, I’ve led English language laboratories for children and I’ve done traineeships in kindergarten and primary schools in Florence and in Helsinki, during my Erasmus period there.

I enjoy designing and realizing engaging games and activities, adapted to the children’s various needs and interests.I’m fluent in Italian and English, I’m first aid trained, I have a driving licence, and I have many hobbies such as dancing, travelling, reading and discovering the world with children!

My name is Alessia, I am an Italian nanny and I live in Florence. Having attended an institute with a social fields, I have gained experience through different internships at kindergartens and summer camps. I have worked as a nanny since graduating and have experience with children ages  0-12 years in professional structured settings and at a home setting. For 3 years I worked for an international family and took care of their 2 month year old baby every day until she went to kindergarten. Since her parents were from two different countries, I used to talk in 3 different languages, English, German and Italian. I love foreign languages and am studying Russian and Chinese. I can also speak Italian and Spanish. There are many activities I like to do with children - arts and crafts, reading, singing, and being outside in nature with them I also like to include Montessori games in my activities. I look forward to meeting you and caring for your children!

Hello, my name is Gabriela, I’m 27 years old. I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I’ve been living in Florence, Italy since 2017. I come from an Italian family, so coming to Italy was my biggest dream. I hold a bachelor degree in Law and I’m always trying to learn new things. I'm an easy going person, who loves spending time with my family and friends. I can speak English, Portuguese and Italian. I have worked with children of all ages and cultures for more than 10 years as a nanny and as an au pair. My latest challenge was to help a family to homeschool their children, and I was thrilled to see their development during this period. I’m very passionate in everything I do, and I’m always excited to take on new experiences and challenges. Most of the families describe me as a fun, lovely and patient person

My name is Daniela, I was born in Argentina and grew up in Ecuador. I studied Fashion Design in Florence and it is my ambition to open my own leather goods store in Firenze. I love dancing, watching movies, going for strolls, travelling and playing tennis. I have spent a lot of time looking after my many nieces and nephews and love taking them to the park, baking cookies, painting, drawing and having quality time with them. I love the creativity and imagination of children and encouraging them to learn, explore and have fun! My mother tongue is Spanish, my English is fluent and my Italian is good. I am a fun, loving and responsible girl!

Ciao, my name is Marina, I am a babysitter originally from Holland - I have been living in Italy for 20 years and have two daughters who are now teenagers. I am a very maternal woman, I love children and animals, they bring me a lot of joy. I love the countryside and being outdoors, I often go horseriding and for walks in nature. I am an artist and do paintings, sculptures and jewellery design, I also enjoy yoga and meditation. I am a very friendly lady and good with children of all ages, I am very inventive at keeping kids entertained and usually bring an art project with me to babysitting jobs. I can speak English, Italian, Dutch and German fluently. I look forward to meeting you and your children!

 Ciao! My name is Emma and I have been babysitting and nannying since I was 12 years old; beginning with family friends and their children and expanding to more than eleven families over these nine years. I have a love for children and teaching. At fifteen I began baking at a coffee shop in California and at 17 was a tutor for a homeschooled family. At 18 I was hired at Terra Arts Academy to assist teaching art classes for children ages 4 to 14. I was born and raised in Southern California, it was here that I began training in classical ballet until the age of 18 when I decided to pursue my studies in art in Florence. I packed my bags and moved to Florence, Italy in the fall of 2019. My background in the arts has provided me a creative mind that I enjoy sharing with kids.  I am very adaptable and would love to work with your children no matter the age. They are so unique and I would love getting to know each one of them. 

My name is Marina, I moved to Florence from Brazil two years ago. I am fluent in Portuguese, Italian and have a very good level of English, I can also speak some Spanish. I have a degree in psychology and it is my ambition to work with children in this field. I have worked as a babysitter in Brazil and Italy looking after kids of all ages. I am outgoing, bubbly and enjoy making up fun games to play with kids, imaginative play and different activities with them while I babysit.

Hello! I’m Noush, 32 years old, from Armenia, I have been in Florence for almost 3 years, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and recently graduated from Florence Design Academy majoring in Interior Design. I have over 10 years of experience babysitting kids of all ages (infants to teenagers), while babysitting, I love playing board games or football or whatever the kids prefer to keep their minds off their parents, I have two nieces and a nephew, I’ve always helped taking care of them, I'm very responsible and fun at the same time, usually all kids love me! My Italian language is at an intermediate level, plus I’m fluent in English, Armenian and Arabic. I’m kind, caring and a reliable person and I really enjoy spending time with kids!

Hello, my name is Ornella.  I’m from Cape Town.  I have a 22 year old daughter and 8 year old son. I have been working with children for over 30 years coaching tennis, English lessons, babysitting, Childline/ Lifeline, Rapcan (children testifying in court). Amongst other qualifications I posses a Psychology Degree.  My interests include reading, artwork, nature, music, baking, cooking, walking, cycling, swimming.  I love and am comfortable with children of all ages including teenagers.  I look forward to your consideration and working with your family.

Hi! My name is Sveva, I’m 24 years old and I just got my degree in psychology. I am italian and I live in Florence since 2015, meanwhile I have been babysitting a boy for two years and I did two volunteer project in Greece with refugee children were I would organize the activity of the group and took care of the kids. I love to spend time with them, i think their creativity and curiosity is outstanding! When i babysit i like to do arts and crafts, or other activities that brings out the fantasy of the child. I think that the time spent together should be both  fun and stimulating. I am highly reliable, caring and friendly. My passions are photography, drawing, writing stories and travelling. I played the flute for 8 years and helped the kid i was babysitting with his trumpet study. I speak Italian, English, basic spanish and trying to learn French and Arabic now!

I’m Erica, a 22 year old girl who recently graduated from University in the UK. I’m from Florence and I grew up in the city, I have worked as a babysitter to kids from 2 to 12 years old, most of which were not Italian and were here on vacation or for longer periods of time. My English speaking skills enable me to easily connect and communicate with children from other countries and establish a real connection and friendship with them. I am cheerful and positive, dynamic and patient. What I enjoy the most about babysitting is the genuine connection that is created with the kids, together with it being funny and simple at the same time. These reasons are why I believe it is one of the most rewarding experiences.

My name is Wendy, I am originally from Holland but have been living in Italy for over twenty years. I am a mother of two children and have worked as a florist for most of my life but am now working in childcare full-time as a nanny and babysitter for families from all over the world. I am a fluent Dutch, Italian and English speaker, am very maternal by nature and enjoy being surrounded by children. They are our future and I feel privileged to be in their company! 

Ciao! My name is Marija, I’m from Lithuania but I moved to Florence to study fashion. I have various experiences with children, starting from teaching lessons to summer camps so I know how to adapt with different needs very easily! I am very passionate about talking, making arts & crafts or just playing with children & looking forward to meet your family! 

Hi! My name is Elena, I’m from Florence. I attended an International school where I learnt English and French. My greatest passion is art, in fact I’m studying to become an event planner at university and I always try to spread this passion to everybody around me, especially to kids. I regularly look after my little cousins, and also babysit for a family regularly who have two small children. When I'm with children I try to enhance their creativity, by painting, reading and playing together or simply observing nature. I’m sunny, friendly and reliable and I always try to make everyday fun and special.

I am Ellie, I grew up in England and moved to Italy ten years ago. I have always worked in childcare, I trained in and studied childcare in England and have experience working in many nurseries in the UK. I am now a full-time childminder and also have an eight year old son who is my pride and joy! I teach English as a second language to children and am a creative and experienced babysitter, used to ooking after infants and toddlers as well as older children.

My name is Deimante, I am originally from Lithuania where I graduated in Psychology. I completed a couple of internships in a help centre for children and a Lithuanian school here in Florence. I am fluent in English and Lithuanian but still a beginner in Italian. I have worked as an English teacher for adults, children and teenagers of various ages, applying engaging and non-formal methods. When looking after children at home I usually keep them busy  with innovative activities and games which stimulate their creativity and implement knowledge. I admire how free and energetic children are and I am happy if I can provide them with a safe space to creatively express themselves. I believe myself to be very intuitive and empathetic which enables me to find ways to make friends with and gain the trust of the children I have the pleasure to babysit.

Hello there! My name is Eva, I am a Spanish national but have been educated in British schools since the age of 3 and have lived, studied and worked in the UK for 6 years. I am native in Spanish and English but also speak good German and Italian; I love languages and have always had a passion for communicating and interacting with people from all backgrounds! I am a qualified teacher, I have 2 years of experience teaching secondary science in English state schools to children between the ages of 11 and 18. I have also babysat toddlers on and off for around 2 years and just absolutely love entertaining and being around young souls. My passions include cooking (and eating!), walking and animals (I have an undergraduate in Biology). Previous families I have babysat for have described me as caring and nurturing, I cannot wait to meet you and your little one/s during your stay in Florence! 

My name is Katja, I’m 19 year and from Sweden. I moved to Florence in 2018 to study Graphic design. Art and design are two of my biggest passions and I hope to be able to work within that area one day. I live on my own here in Italy but during the holidays, my family comes to visit me. I have a younger sister named Anna who I’m very close to. During my free time, I enjoy drawing, reading, running and spending time with my friends. Another passion of mine is cooking which is one of the reason why I moved to Italy. I have a weak spot for the Italian cuisine. I would describe myself as happy and sociable person who enjoys working with others. As a big sister I’m used to playing with younger children and love kids. Coming up with fun games and activities are things that I’m good at and enjoy.

Hi, my name is Tiziana, I am Italian, born and raised in Florence but I lived in the UK for 10 years, and speak English and Spanish fluently and also some Portuguese and Turkish. Languages are my passion as I love communicating with people and learning about different cultures. I am a mother and have a son who is 10 years old who is my pride and joy. I love spending my time with kids of all ages and I am very active so can match the energy of most children. When babysitting I aim to keep children engaged, busy and to have fun with them! I think childhood is a very precious time and I like to have a positive impact on any children in my care. I look forward to meeting your family soon and sharing my love and knowledge of this beautiful Renaissance city with your kids!

Hello! My name is Melanie, I was born in India and raised in Singapore and the UK. I studied a BA in Photography & Film in Edinburgh and worked as a visual artist and educator in the arts sector before deciding to pursue my dream of moving to Italy. I have been based in Florence for over a year and have been working as a Babysitter for several wonderful families. I am a native English speaker and understand Italian well, I also speak Norwegian and small amounts of Hindi and Kannada. I have worked with children of all ages and backgrounds in a wide range of contexts professionally and personally and especially enjoy working with the early years in nature and observing how they explore the world around them through their senses. As an artist I find children an endless source of inspiration to be around and I love using my skills to play with them both indoors and outdoors. I am reliable, patient, fun and creative and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hello, my name is Karissma, I am a student here in Florence studying abroad
for my first year of college. I have been working with children of all ages for about 6
years now. I enjoy meeting new children and playing with them. I like to spend my time
with the children doing a lot of hands-on crafts of any sort or playing games that the
child may want to do such as playing cards or a sport! I am very excited to meet you and your family!

My name is Trang and I'm 34 years old. Originally from Vietnam my mother language is Vietnamese. I moved to Italy to study a masters in Interior Design. I have lived in Florence for nearly two years. My hobbies are travelling, drawing landscapes, that's why I love to be in Italy and to be able to experience a new culture. I started babysitting quite young since I took care of my two younger sisters. I love doing art with children and reading stories especially fairy-tales. I am responsible, honest and loyal and kind.

Hello, my name is Laksmi. I moved to Florence from Australia to study fashion. My mother is Australian and my father is Indonesian so I grew up with two very different cultures and as a result I am an open-minded individual with a broad perspective of the world. I grew up in Bali most of my life and went to British international schools there until the age of 16 when I moved to Australia alone to pursue my studies. I am independent and responsible. I am fluent in English, Indonesian and I can speak and understand basic Italian. I have been living in Florence for a year and I enjoy babysitting. I love to be around kids and finding fun activities to entertain them!

Hi, my name is Sharneil and I am from the small and beautiful island of St. Lucia in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. I have lived all over the world and I can speak ten languages, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Italian and Portuguese. I have a love for nature, animals, art and culture. I am a graduate of archaeology and art restoration. I play the violin and have taught music to children and have experience looking after kids of all ages as a babysitter and also worked for a year in a professional nursery setting as a pre-school teacher in an International kindergarten in Istanbul, Turkey. I love being outdoors in nature with kids, playing games, puzzles and quizzes. My favourite hobby is cooking. 

Hi, my name is Elba and I am a half German half Florentine native. I graduated in Art and Visual History with a minor in Educational Sciences in Berlin and recently returned to my hometown Florence. I speak Italian, German and English fluently because of my multilingual background, in addition to that I am also fluent in French and Spanish. I have a wide experience working as a nanny, since I worked as a babysitter and au-pair during my college and high school years. I have cared for several children from the age of 2 to 12. I am an artist and a creative at heart and thoroughly enjoy interacting with children. I think that the way they experience the world is wonderful and a great opportunity for us adults to think outside our own framework and to learn from them. My favourite activities to engage the children with include arts and crafts, drawing together, reading to them and, if the weather permits, spending time outdoors. Also I am good cook and love baking.

Hi, I'm Sabina and I'm a Florentine girl that loves children and enjoys looking after them. I am studying tourism and I am fluent in Italian, English and French and have a medium level of Spanish also. My mum comes from Holland so I understand a little bit of Dutch as well. I'm used to take care of children and I love to play with them and help them with their homework. I am a very friendly, happy and patient person.

Hey, my name is Masa, I’m Half Syrian and Armenian. I came to Italy a year ago to study a masters in Economical Development. I have professional nannying experience back home. I regularly babysat two Brothers (7 and 6 years old) they were adorable energetic and smart little kids, I used to play, cook and do activities with them in order to keep them happy and engaged. I also was a full time nanny for a 5 month old little girl, she was a true angel and I enjoyed being a part of her early development and seeing her reach new milestones while I cared for her. I also have 6 cousins that I look after regularly when I am home. I have always known how to communicate with kids and how to keep them busy and happy and I truly enjoy interacting with them and teaching them new skills through games and activities. I believe that each child is a unique individual and I try to keep that in mind always when I am babysitting. I am looking forward to meeting your family!

Buongiorno! My name is Yasmine, I worked as a teacher and babysitter from many years. Recently I came back from Ireland where I lived for almost 5 years. There - in Dublin- I’ve been an Au pair and then my career as teacher begun! Being with kids is my favourite time: learning together and doing lots of art and craft. I minded children from 8 month to 10 years old. Now that I am back in Italy I want to continue my passionate job with kids! I have also several experiences to work as entertainer during birthday parties (modelling balloons, face-painting, baby dances); entertainer in tourist villages for miniclub; one year as volunteer in a centre for disadvantaged children. I have completed First Aid Course, I have the Child Protection Certificate, Food Safety Certificate, Garda Vetted.

Hi I'm Georgie, I'm currently studying in the beautiful Florence but am originally from England. I have been babysitting for children up to the age of eight for the last four years. I consider myself to be a cheerful and energetic person and find it easy to talk to people. I understand how important child care is for parents and I intend to provide a warm and caring but fun environment for children to learn and grow in.  I enjoy creating games with children, reading, coloring and spending time getting to know them.

Hi, my name is Susie. I am from the United States and have my bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Michigan State University. I taught English in Thailand for two years for children ages 3-6. I worked at camps in the summers during University and also taught English and nannied in Madrid for one year. I am now living in Florence studying Interior Design for the year. I am a native English speaker and can also speak basic Thai and Spanish. I love outdoor activities, creative projects, and music. I love the energy of children and seeing the world through their eyes.

British raised Nanny! I adore caring for children and have worked as a nanny for many families over the years in England, the alps, and in Greece in chalets and villas. Also many years ago, helping the British Royal family caring for two princesses and their mother. I'm very friendly, full of beans, naturally considerate and creative, I love to be active, doing sports or simply running about! I am an avid reader, polite and have excellent manners. I'm happy to help with family household tasks and always take instruction well and respectfully. I'm a positive person and also work as a dog sitter so when I am not nannying or on a jog/ drawing I am busy walking doggies! I look forward to meeting your family and helping to make your time in Italy as fun as possible for the whole family!

Hello, my name is Annie and I’m from Bangalore, India. I recently moved to Florence to study Interior Design. I’m a certified Yoga Instructor and I’ve taught both children and adults yoga back at home. Additionally, I’ve taught arts and crafts to children between ages 6-12. I enjoy spending time with children as I grew up taking care of, telling stories to and playing with all my nieces and nephews [ I’ve got 28 first cousins]. I’m fluent in English [ among other south Indian languages] and can understand basic Italian. I love spending time with children, and I have a good amount of experience in keeping them occupied and happy. I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Hola a todos ! My name is Martha and I am from Venezuela. I lived in the United States for 7 years but few months ago I moved to the spectacular Firenze where I am having the chance to meet people from around the world. I have been working with kids for a while now, I graduated as clinical psychologist, I speak Spanish, English and I am improving my Italian now that I live here and becoming better every day. I love spending time with children, their spontaneity and joy for life make my days. I am looking forward to welcome you and your family to Firenze. Promise, your kids will have a great time with me as their babysitter!!!

Hello, my name is Florencia, I am 20 years old and I was born in Mexico. However, I lived in United States for a year at a boarding school when I was 13, and now I have been living in Florence for 2 years already since I am doing my Bachelor Degree in Interior Design and I think these experiences helped me so much to be independent and mature. Spanish is my mother tongue but I also speak English and Italian. I started taking care of my little cousins which I adore but my real experience started when I was 15 and used to be a tennis teacher for children between 4-10 years old. After that, I took care of kids around my neighborhood and at the age of 17 I started working on a program called "Prints" in where we used to teach girls how to cook, do handcrafts and dance. I truly enjoy to spend time with children because they get so creative and happy with whatever is on their hands or around them. I am a very open and responsible person who like outdoor activities as much as indoor activities.

Ciao! My name is Honorata, I'm from Poland. I really like taking care of children and I have a great friendship with them. In my past, I've always managed to keep children interested and make them happy. I can diversify the care of children with dance classes with surprising stories, for example: magic forest, time travel or other mysterious ideas which I know kids love to do! Because this is what I do in my daily life. I have worked as a contemporary/ musical dance instructor for over 10 years in Poland. Together with your kids we can do dancing, acting, reading, games, snacks and meal time, imagination building and other fun activities. I come from a family where almost everyone works as a teacher for kids. My mother runs a private kindergarten in Poland, my aunts are teachers in schools. This is our passion. I am very cheerful and positive person and a hard worker. I love to share my passion with others. I speak fluent Polish, English and in a communicative way in Italian (I'm studying to be better all the time).

Hello, I'm Camilla and I live in Florence. Portuguese is my native language and I also speak English and Italian. I was born and raised in Brazil and I moved to Italy a few years ago because I felt in love with the Renaissance city! My passions are arts, photography, outdoors activities and I feel so alive when I am having fun with kids, they stimulates us to become more creative and resourceful. 

Ciao a tutti! My name is Nicole, from Italy. I currently live in Florence! I love being around kids and I have lot of experience taking care of children all ages. I have great experience of being an Au Pair for English family in London. Also I work for a ranch near my house in Florence as sport instructor for children. With children i enjoy playing different games indoor and outdoor! I love to teach them and see them learning new things. I’m young but very friendly and patient with children. I look forward to meeting you and your family soon!

Ciao, my name is Nihal! I born and raised in Florence, the city where I live and study biotechnology to get a degree. I'm able to speak English very well, a skill and a passion that I've been practicing and developing since a long time. I love children and love to play with them: I like telling them stories, painting, dancing and also make new games using imagination. I am a very dependable person and respectful of the family rules; I take care of every child, supporting them when they need and I'm also very patient, especially with kids. When I have the chance I like to bring some gifts with me, something children can play and have fun with. In my everyday life I'm also a petsitter, so if it's needed I can take care of your whole family (kids and animals). I can't wait to get to know you and your family!

Hi! I am Aishwarya I am from India and I am studying interior design in Florence, Italy. I love looking after kids, I have over 5 years of babysitting experience with children of all ages, specifically infants. I believe I can keep the children occupied and entertained always. I strive to provide a warm, fun and nurturing environment to the kids. My goal is for parents to experience a worry-free time away from home knowing that their children are in good and safe hands. I look forward to meeting you. 

Hi! I’m Vanessa from Colombia, I’m 28 years old and I’ve been living in Florence since 2018, I’m pursuing a masters degree in economics and development, before coming to Italy I used to be an Au pair in the U.S where I spent 2 wonderful years. I’ve been working with kids of all ages and I really enjoy being a babysitter because I see the world in a genuine way through the eyes of a kid. I’m passionate about art, history, outdoor activities, and sports. I’m fluent in English, Italian and  Spanish is my mother tongue. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi! My name is Camila and I have been a nanny for over 8 years. I have plenty of experience with children 3 months old to 8 years old. I am very energetic, fun, patient, loving and always reliable and responsible. I like to always be active and creative and get children involved in fun activities. I can also help them out with school work, making them lunch, picking them up from school or anything I can do to make a parent's job easier. Also I am fluent in Spanish and English and learning Italian. Being a nanny is the best job for me because I love children and children really like me too. I know how to talk to them, be an example and always be there for them. Looking forward to meeting you. 

Hello! I’m Bianca, I’m an Italian girl from Florence and I recently got my degree in Communication studies. I speak English and French fluently. I’m passionate about childcare, I’ve spent many years looking after my nephews. I’m patient, caring and reliable. I love sports (tennis, yoga, swimming) and arts activities. I truly enjoy spending time with children, when I babysit I usually find out stimulating activities to entertain them: singing, drawing, baking and all sort of made up games, both indoors and outdoors. I admire children because of their spontaneity, their huge imagination and endless energy. I always try to create an immediate bond with kids, taking some tools with me to  stimulate even the little ones a bit more shy. I look forward to meeting your family and your little ones!

Hi there, my name is Ruby. I’m a native English, qualified ESL teacher who’s recently moved to Florence! After graduating with a Bachelors in Music from King’s College London, I knew I wanted to work with children and went on to teach students English as a second language all over the world. I have experience working on residential summer courses, teaching in kindergartens and primary schools as well as working as an English speaking babysitter. As a professionally trained musician, I love singing songs, playing instruments and having all kinds of musical fun when looking after children. I’m creative and fun, always looking for the next activity to make my children laugh and enjoy their day. Arts and crafts projects, outdoor activities and cooking or baking are just some of my favourite things to do. Thanks to the time I’ve spent as a teacher with kids as young as 14 months up to 18 years old I have a versatile bank of games and fun activities to delve into. Patience and positivity are key values of mine, as I believe it’s with openness and understanding that we teach children to love each other and themselves. I so look forward to meeting you and getting to know your family! 

Hi! I'm Anna, a 26-year-old female from the UK, looking for evening and weekend work here in Florence. I have 5+ years of experience working with families as a part-time nanny/babysitter in both London and New York. I am now in Florence for a year to pursue a masters in Interior Design and would love to help families here with the spare time I can give. My hobbies include playing sport, cooking, sewing, sailing and travelling. In addition, I pride myself on my domestic abilities, thus I would be more than happy to clean/laundry/iron/cook/ bake...can accommodate any family needs! I can guarantee the ultimate dedication and care to your children and contribute effectively/creatively/productively to their day-to-day activities! 

Hi, I am Amelia, originally from England, I moved to Florence after completing my Master’s degree in London. I am a native English speaker and understand basic Italian. I have five years’ experience working with children aged 6-12 as House Mistress of a mixed boarding house at an English International school during their summer language courses. I have previously volunteered in Fiji where I lived with a local family and taught children aged 9-11 English and History at the village school. I also spent time volunteering at an Elephant Sanctuary in Sri Lanka during which I helped assist at several schools around the area. I have experience working with children of all backgrounds and nationalities and am working part time alongside nannying as a teacher at an English learning centre in Florence, so I am happy to offer tutoring alongside childcare. I am an organised, kind and fun loving person who loves to be creative; I enjoy reading stories, painting, baking and exploring the outdoors.

Hello! My name is Nicoletta but I go by Coco, I am 20 years old and I am currently living in Florence. I am half Italian and half American but grew up in Boston, Massachusetts and decided to study in Italy with my twin sister. I am a native English speaker and I also speak Italian. I have experience working with young kids as I was a nanny for a family with three kids and have babysat kids of all ages. I love doing indoor and outdoor activities and arts and crafts. I also love traveling and meeting new people. My favourite things to do are dance, sing, cook and play with children! 

Hi! My name is Simonet I was born in Venezuela and I’ve been living in the wonderful city of Florence for the past 5 years! I love children, I have spent a lot of time taking care of my nephews doing all sorts of fun and recreational activities, such as travelling, hiking, picnics, museums visit and a lot of art and crafting! I love to keep kids entertained and the energy that they bring into my life! I’m a motivated, positive and cheerful person, always looking to try something new and keep learning! Fluent in Spanish, English and Italian. Can’t wait to meet you soon!

I am Delfina, I am half Italian and Dutch and from a small town near Florence. I love animals, art and being in the countryside. I am very organised and motivated, I worked for various foreign families on vacation in Italy and when needed, I gladly take care of children for family and friends. Last year I finished high school, I studied humanities, economics and social studies as well as Spanish and English. In middle school I studied French, I love English and I have a fairly high level of speaking it, and besides Italian I am a Dutch native speaker. Speaking of my character, I am a very organized girl in terms of schedules and commitments and also in terms of cleaning and order in the house, I am sunny and empathetic. During my free time I love being with my friends, going to exhibitions, walking around the countryside and the city of Florence, I love listening to music, drawing, photographing, but above all meeting new places and new people.

Hi, my name is Claudia and I am from Florence. I love taking care of children and have a good time with them! I'm very fluent in English and Italian and I just finished a tourism high school where I studied the languages German and Spanish. My mother comes from Holland so I also understand a little bit of Dutch. I have worked as a volunteer for a few years in a Summer Camp and also have experience looking after a 2 years old toddler. I'm a very responsible, fun and joyful person and I really like to play and help the children with their homework. Looking forward to meeting you!

Hi, I am Camilla, originally from Brazil and I have been living abroad for the past 4 years. I can speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and some Italian. When I am not babysitting I also work in language teaching for kids. I have lovely experiences as a nanny around the world and Australia was the latest one. I would be glad to tell you my story! I love sharing knowledge and also learning with the kids. It has always been an amazing exchange! I am very passionate about what I do and build a confident relationship with the family and make our daily routine happier and entertained is what I like the most! I really love playing with them, indoor and outdoor, staying connected to nature, helping them to develop art skills and using educational games. I am looking forward to sharing these experiences with your family.

Hi, I’m Tanja, I was born in Germany and I’m living near Florence since 27 years.

I’m mother of two teen daughters and I raised them both as bilingual. Being mother gives me a rich experience in looking after kids of all ages and taking care of them. I like cooking with them, I love to play and have fun while drawing or reading books together, but I also enjoy staying outside and explore the nature together. In my free time I usually go horse riding and I love spending my time walking with my dogs. I’m a native German speaker, but also speak fluent in Italian and English.

My name is Olga, I am Russian, born in Moscow. I'm a university student in Florence. I am a responsible person, patient, caring and very reliable.I speak Italian and English. I have no problem helping the little ones with homework and preparing food. I have experience with children of various age groups. I spent a lot of time with my cute little nephew, and worked in several families as a nanny. I love children because they are bright and open-mind, and I love spending time with them.

Hello. My name is Anna and I am originally from Austria. For me it has always been a great enrichment to accompany children and to explore new things with them in a playful and safe way. For this reason, I completed the school as a kindergarten teacher and in the recent years I have been able to gain various experiences with kids of all age groups. Amongst other things I worked in different hotel kindergartens. There I was responsible for the organization of excursions and creation of the weekly program and to make days unforgettable. Bright children's eyes through motivation and the offer of various games, sporting events, creative work, scientific experiments, baking creations, musical units or simply an emphatic conversation are the most beautiful things in the world.
My mother tongue is German and in addition, I am fluent in English. Furthermore i will now refresh my knowledge of Italian from school by taking a language course. I have a driver's license, a very flexible schedule and I am a open minded person who loves to get to know new people, cultures and languages. I look forward to share ideas, smiles, experiences and to accompany and support you!

Hi! I am Liliia, originally from Uzbekistan, where I was born and raised but I used to live in Russia for eight years and in Rome for five years. Now I am lucky Florentine resident! I study Foreign Languages and Cultures at the University of Rome. Russian is my native language, I am also fluent in English and Italian, and I know some basics of Spanish.  I have five nephews and I had an opportunity to look after them from time to time, and I was volunteer in an English Preschool in Rome. I really enjoyed looking after kids of all ages, even though I have an experience working with 3-6 years old. People say I am very patient, responsible, kind, and creative person. I love learning and most important sharing and I think I know how to keep kids busy with inside/outside activities, painting, or drawing, reading books.