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Local Babysitting

We have a wonderful team of local babysitters available to babysit for your family in Florence, Rome, Milan, Paris and London.

Whether you want to arrange a date night, explore a museum or go on an excursion that you know won't be appreciated by your children, we are here to help so the whole family can have fun on your vacation!

Vacation Nanny

If you prefer to have childcare support throughout your holiday, you can also arrange a vacation nanny with us. 
A holiday nanny can stay with your family for several days or the full duration of your trip and help to look after your children so you can relax. We have different packages to suit your family and the hours you require childcare.

Event Childcare

Our experienced team regularly organise childcare for a wide range of events from weddings, parties and corporate events to kids clubs.Our multilingual childcare will ensure your guests or attendees can fully enjoy your event and so can their children!

Travel buddy

If your children will be travelling to a different country and you are unable to travel with them, we also offer a very popular travel buddy service. One of our experienced nannies can travel with your child and ensure they are well looked after, relaxed and happy throughout their entire journey. 

Our Services

Our mission: to keep children entertained, safe and happy and give parents the chance to relax while they are on vacation!

We hope to make your vacation more enjoyable for you and your children!

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